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R11/17: Hillside Crescent Walking Track and Associated Planting, Maungawhau / Mt Eden (HNZPT Authority 2017/735) Final Report (2020)
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R11/1706: The Mission House, Mission Bay: New Café Development (2002)
R11/1665: The Magistrates Court Site, Kitchener Street, Auckland, Part of the Wesleyan Chapel Site (R11/1665): Site History & Archaeology (1999)
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R11/442: Blockhouse Bay Beach Reserve Children's Playground Upgrade: Archaeological Monitoring Report (2015)
R11/3028, R11/3029: Eden Valley Supermarket Extension, Valley Road and Dominion Road, Auckland: Final Archaeological Monitoring and Investigation Report (2017)
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R11/2150: Authority 2002/72: Historic Ditch and Bank R11/2150, Baverstock Road, Flatbush, Manukau City [preliminary report] (2002)
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R11/1325: Oruarangi Creek Mouth, Shore Protection Works (2011)
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R11/2110, R11/2405: More Than a Wall: Investigations of Drystone Wall R11/2110 and Midden R11/2405, Greenmount Reserve (2008)
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R11/850, R11/1108: Garden Court Sewer: Archaeological Monitoring Report (1998)
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R11/1766: Paths Renewal, Wesleyan, Anglican and Jewish Sections, Symonds Street Cemetery, Auckland: Final Archaeological Report (2017)
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R11/1494: The Thin End of the 'Wedge': Archaeological Excavations Under the Town Hall, Auckland (1996)
R11/1403, R11/1448: Dove-Meyer Robinson Park Lighting - Archaeological Report (no date)
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R11/various: Archaeological Sites in Auckland Domain (2003)
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R11/25: The Archaeology of the South Western Interceptor (1998)
R11/2256: Archaeological Monitoring at Ladies Bay Walkway – HNZ Authority 2019/549 (2020)
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R11/2572: Commercial Bay Development, Downtown Auckland: Addendum to Final Archaeological Monitoring Report (2018)
R11/1624: His Majesty's Theatre Excavations (R11/1624): Final Archaeological Report, Volume 1 (1998)
R11/343: Archaeological Investigation of Site R11/343 at 27 Tui Brae, Pine Harbour, Beachlands: Final Excavation Report (2017)
R11/2965: Monitoring and Excavations at 120 Hobsonville Road, Hobsonville (HNZPTA Authority 2019/697): Preliminary Report (2020)
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R11/2222, R11/2223: Investigation of Sites R11/2222 and R11/2223 at 321 Rosebank Road, Avondale: Final Report (2011)
R11/1794: Beach Road: Section Drawing (1993)
R11/2334: Westney Road Denominational Graveyard (2007)
R11/2000: Archaeological Investigations at the Purported Site of Sinton's House and Store (R11/2000) (2007)
R11/2866: 415 Ti Rakau Drive, East Tamaki, Auckland: Final Report on Archaeological Monitoring and Investigation of Site R11/2866 (Guy's Homestead) (2017)
R11/1519: Soil Phosphate Analysis as an Indicator of Archaeological Deposits (1990)
R11/1509: The Whau Brickworks and Pottery: Archaeological Excavation of an Early Industrial Ceramic Site (R11/1509) on the Whau Peninsula, Auckland (1993)
R11/1436: Site R11/1436, Tamaki River (1995)
R11/2358: Excavations at Scott Farmstead, Ihumatao (2011)
R11/2341: Addendum to Interim Report R11/2341: NZHPT Authority No. 2006/80 (2009)
R11/1952: Devonport Bear Garden Wall (R11/1952): Archaeological Report (2010)
R11/1997: Track Upgrade, Green Bay Beach Reserve, Green Bay, Auckland: Final Archaeological Report (2014)
R11/1694: A Preliminary Report of Excavations at Site R11/1694: 1990 Field Season (1992)
R11/2000: An Archaeological and Architectural Assessment of the Structures at 2-4 Sinton Road, Hobsonville (2001)
R11/33: Upgrade Works at Sturges Park, Otahuhu: Interim and Final Report (2015)
R11/1795, R11/2181: Archaeological Monitoring of the Mary Barrett Glade Walking Track Remediation Earthworks: Ngataringa Road, Devonport (2010)
R11/26: 56 Mountain Road, Mangere: Authority 2017/239 - Preliminary Report (2016)
R11/1509: Pollen Brickworks and Potteries (Site R11/1509): Initial Archaeological Investigation (1986)
R11/2917: Archaeological Monitoring At 1 Trent Street, Avondale (HNZPT Authority 2015/715) (2016)
R11/2795, R11/1955: The Landing Development (Stage 2B), Auckland Airport, Mangere: Final Archaeological Report (2014)
R11/2974: Manukau North Wastewater Pipeline Upgrade: Final Monitoring Report (2015)
R11/2205: Monitoring of Bridge Replacement at R11/2205, Oakley Creek, Waterview, Auckland City (2009)
R11/833, R11/1542: Wastewater Separation, Bowen Lane: Archaeological Monitoring (2004)
R11/357: Demolition of 12 The Rise, St Heliers: Archaeological Monitoring Report (2016)
R11/833: Bluestone and Bereaucracy: A Project on the Presentation of an Archaeological Site - Albert Barracks (1990)
R11/1023: Proposed Access Road, Puhinui Reserve, (Thurlow's Farm): Archaeological Assessment (1996)
R11/25, R11/26, R11/32: Plant Microfossil Analysis of Soils from Polynesian Stonefields in South Auckland, New Zealand (no date)
R11/1406: Archaeological Monitoring of Metrowater Excavations on Maunsell Road Extension from Titoki St, Auckland Domain: Water Main and Fire Hydrant Installation (2007)
R11/1643: The History and Archaeology of the Browns Mill Site: 15-17 Durham Lane, Auckland (1990)
R11/1462: Kong Foong Yuen - The Garden of Prosperity, Final Report on the Archaeological Excavations at Carlaw Park, Auckland, Authority #2007-48 (2011)
R11/202: The Carriageway, Footpaths and Hurdle Fence at Monte Cecilia: Report on Archaeological Investigations (2009)
R11/534: Archaeological Monitoring of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints Religious Services Complex, 9 and 19 Redoubt Road, Manukau (2009)
R11/131: Bert Henham Carpark Pavement Renewal – HNZPT Authority 2016/725 (2017)
R11/1589, R11/1665, R11/1687: Freyberg Place, Auckland Central: Interim and Final Archaeological Report in Fulfilment of HNZPT Authority No. 2016/1134 (2017)
R11/2150: Investigation of Historic Ditch and Bank, R11/2150, Baverstock Road, Flat Bush (2003)
R11/1044, R11/2886, R11/2887, R11/2888: Archaeological Investigations at the Waimahia Inlet Residential Development (2014)
R11/2341: 139 Arney Road: Interim Report for NZHPT R11/2341 - NZHPT Authority No. 2006/80 (2009)
R11/various: Lot 1 DP 209528, Oruarangi Creek: Report for NZHPT Authority 2004/120 (2009)
R11/1656: Rediscovering Fort Ligar: Archaeology at R11/1656, Auckland - Volume One: Excavation and Site History (1989)
R11/2374: Archaeological Monitoring of Test Trenches for the Victoria Park Tunnel, Auckland City (2009)
R11/833: Geotechnical Testing, Auckland University Quadrant Street Upgrade Project: Archaeological Monitoring Report (2010)
R11/25: ARWCF Fence and Ramp: Final Report (2007)
R11/109, R11/1721: Takarunga/Mt Victoria Track Upgrade (HNZPT Authority 2019/489): Interim Report (2019)
R11/473: Whenuapai Branch Sewer Siphon Duplication, Colwill Road, Massey: Archaeological Monitoring Report (2013)
R11/1508: R.O. Clark's Pottery (1864 -1931), Limeburners Bay, Hobsonville: Archaeological Investigation (2008)
R11/2191, R11/2202, R11/2203, R11/2459: Waterview Connection Project - Great North Road Interchange: Interim Archaeological Report (2016)
R11/17: Friends of Maungawhau Southern Planting Programme, Maungawhau / Mt Eden (HNZPT Authority 2017/534) Final Report (2020)
R11/1726, R11/2684: Judges Bay Stormwater Pipe Renewal, Parnell, Auckland: Final Report on Archaeological Monitoring (2014)
R11/2068: Alfriston Site, 1444 Alfriston Rd, Papakura, Auckland: Archaeological Monitoring (Authority No. 2008/76) (2008)
R11/1519: Archaeological Investigations at Site R11/1519, Cryers Road, East Tamaki, Auckland, New Zealand [Science & Research Series No. 21] (1989)
R11/2136: 76-84 Albert Street, Auckland, Allotments 5 and 6, City Section 16, Site R11/2136: Final Archaeological Report (2001)
R11/3069: 4A Ruarangi Rd, Owairaka (Mt Albert), Auckland: Preliminary Archaeological Monitoring Report (2019)
R11/105, R11/1404: Archaeological Monitoring of Stormwater Upgrade Works: City Park Services, Kari Street Nursery, Kari Street, Auckland (2010)
R11/2332: The Wesleyan College and Seminary Site, Queen Street, Auckland (R11/2332): Final Archaeological Report (2005)
R11/2068: Addendum to "Alfriston Site, 1444 Alfriston Rd, Papakura, Auckland: Archaeological Monitoring Report" (2010)
R11/2168: Avondale Stables R11/2168, 4-6 Wingate Street and 2057-2065 Great North Road, Avondale, Auckland: Final Archaeological Report (2013)
R11/1724: The Auckland Brick & Tile Co. Site, Whau Creek, Te Atatu, Auckland (R11/1724): Section 18 Investigation (2000)
R11/1589: Preliminary Report on Phase II of the Archaeological Excavation at Chancery Street, Auckland (Site R11/1589) and Decisions Made Regarding the Phase III Area (1988)
R11/1995: Holding Dam Site R11/1995, Huruhuru Stream, Swanson, Waitakere City: Authority Report (2006/198) (2006)
R11/2009: Weymouth Domain, Manukau City: Archaeological Monitoring - Field Note (2001)
R11/3129, R11/3130, R11/3131, R11/3132: The Landing Development (Precinct D, Stage 4), Auckland International Airport, Mangere: Interim Archaeological Report (2020)
R11/1595: Excavations at the General Assembly Site (R11/1595), Auckland (1988)
R11/27, R11/1825, R11/1826, R11/1827, R11/1838, R11/1839: Proposed Hotel, Puketutu Island: Archaeological Assessment (1996)
R11/2119: The Deanery Well, 17 St. Stephens Avenue, Parnell (Site R11/2119) - Site History and Archaeology: Final Archaeological Report (2001)
R11/3147: Sunkist Bay Reserve Track Final Report (HNZPTA 2019/717) (2020)
R11/2517, R11/2518, R11/2519, R11/2404: Interim Report for Archaeological Authority 2011-486, Stage One (Excavation of Sites R11/2404, 2517, 2518 and 2519) of The Masonic Tavern Redevelopment, King Edward Parade, Devonport (2013)
R11/2134: Industrial Auckland: An Archaeological Invesigation of Grafton Gully (2004)
R11/519, R11/521, R11/522, R11523, R11/524, R11/525, R11/2108, R11/2109, R11/2205, R11/2206, R11/2208, R112209, R11/R11/2210, R11/2224, R11/2248, R11/2373, R11/2383, R11/2473, R112497, R11/2500: Final Report for the Revegetation Programme, Oakley Creek Walkway, Authority 2009/320 (2015)
R11/342: Interim Report for Works Undertaken at 28 Puriri Road, Beachlands - Heritage NZ Authority 2017-680 (2021)
R11/1111, R11/814, R11/815, R11/2045: Hunua No. 4 Pipeline, Auckland: Final Archaeological Report (2015)
R11/2209: Oakley Creek Waterfall Facilities Upgrade: Archaeological Monitoring for Slips Project (2011)
R11/2772: Hulme Court (R11/2772), Parnell: Archaeological Recording (2019)
R11/1657: 13 Alan Murray Lane, Waiheke Island, Auckland: Final Report on Archaeological Monitoring (2014)
R11/2361: Excavations at 152-160 Hobson St (R11/2361), Auckland. Final Report in Fulfilment of NZHPT Authority Nos. 2006/262 and 2007/17 (2008)
R11/833, R11/2973: Structural Upgrade of Albert Park Caretaker's Lodge: Interim Archaeological Monitoring Report (2018)
R11/2472: Archaeological Monitoring at Massey House, 337 Massey Road, Mangere East (2017)
R11/2660: 50-52 Ponsonby Road (R11/2660), Ponsonby, Auckland: Final Archaeological Report (2014)
R11/918: Authority 2009/307 - R11/918, Awanui Street, Birkenhead (2010)
R11/14: Stormwater Drainage Works, One Tree Hill Domain: Report on Archaeological Monitoring (1996)
R11/1408: Excavations and Archaeological Monitoring of Site R11/1408, 38 Porterfield Road, Whitford (2003)
R11/85, R11/87: Archaeological Survey of the Proposed Hobson Bay Walkway (1996)
R11/2866: 47A and 47B Huntington Drive: preliminary report (HNZPTA authority 2020/076) (2019)
R11/47: McLaughlins Quarry, Wiri: Final Report on Archaeological Investigations (Site R11/47) (2013)
R11/1455: A Report on Monitoring of the Modification of Archaeological Site R11/1455 on the Sayes Property at Orakei Basin, Auckland (1995)
R11/1596: The Auckland Customhouse, Proposed Long Room Redevelopment: Preliminary Archaeological Investigation (1996)
R11/142: Proposed Earthworks, ATCO Controls Ltd, 1000 Great South Road, Auckland: Archaeological Assessment (1996)
R11/2374: Further Archaeological Monitoring at Victoria Park for Car Park Improvements: HNZ Authority 2019-012 (2019)