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R27/429: Interisland, Glasgow & Kings Wharves, Wellington: Archaeological Monitoring of Maintenance Work (2012)
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R27/458: 39 Hawker Street, Mount Victoria, Wellington: Archaeological Monitoring Report (2012)
R27/607: 12 Albany Avenue, Mount Victoria, Wellington, Part NZAA Site R27/607, Archaeological Monitoring Report, Prepared For Heritage New Zealand (2019)
R27/280: Historic Horse Trough, Hutt Road, Wellington: Archaeological Monitoring Report (2009)
R27/412: Archaeological Monitoring of Seismic Strengthening Work on the Karori Tunnel (R27/412) for Wellington City Council under Historic Places Authority HP 2011/495 (2013)
R27/539, R27/270: Lombard / Bond Street Upgrade, Wellington, Archaeological Report Authority 2017-711 (2020)
R27/693: Building Development, Former Taita Hotel Site, 1115 High Street, Taita, Lower Hutt (2021)
R27/512: 2 Stafford Street, Mount Victoria, Wellington, NZAA Site R27/512: Building Archaeology and Demolition Monitoring Interim Report (2016)
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R27/393: Monitoring Report Under HP Authority 2011/301, No. 6 Macfarlane Street Mt Victoria for Charles and Tracy Morley-Hall (2011)
R27/414: 34-42 Ghuznee St, Te Aro, Wellington, NZAA Site R27/414: Archaeological Monitoring Report (2015)
R27/various, R28/various, S27/various, S28/various, T28/various: South Wairarapa District: Assessment of Archaeological Site Data for Resource Management, June 1998 (1998)
R27/525: 96c Aro Street, Aro Valley, Wellington (Part NZAA R27/525): Demolition and Site Preparation - Archaeological Monitoring Report (2016)
R27/610: St John's In The City, Presbyterian Church Seismic Upgrade Project (2020)
R27/146: Wallace Blockhouse Upper Hutt (2014)
R27/159: Archaeological Report Fort Buckley; Authority 2008/334 (2009)
R27/194: The Archaeological Investigation of Midden Site R27/194, Fort Dorset, Seatoun, Wellington (2004)
R27/323: Radcliffe House: 4 Chelmsford Rd, Ngaio: Archaeological Recording (2010)
R27-266: A Line to the Past - The Archaeology of Te Aro Branch Railway Station (2009)
R27/395: Archaeological Monitoring of the Wellington Settlement Site (R27/395), 153-155 Willis Street under conditions of HP 2011/321 for Willis Street Parking Ltd (2013)
R27/266: Foreshock - Aftershock: The Archaeology of Chews Lane, Wellington (2009)
R27/729: Archaeological monitoring of ArchSite R26/729, 206 Ngarara Road, under Heritage NZ authority 2019/636 for proposed subdivision by Stetson Estate Ltd. (2019)
R27/552: 5 Ebor Street, Te Aro, Wellington (Part R27/552): Archaeological Monitoring Report (2016)
R27/539, R27/270: Lombard/Bond Street Upgrade, Interim Report on Archaeological Monitoring (Authority 2017-711) (2018)
R27/334: Historic Hutt Road Rail Bridge, 85 Hutt Road, Thorndon, Wellington: Archaeological Monitoring Report (2010)
R27/91, R27/209: Matiu/Somes Island, Wellington Harbour - Archaeological Monitoring of Power Scheme Installation (2012)
R27/599: Wellington Trades Hall, 124 Vivian Street, Te Aro, Wellington: Part NZAA Site R27/599, Archaeological Monitoring Report (2018)
R27/311, R27/312: Wellington Girls' College, Pipitea Street, Thorndon (2011)
R27/314: Forte Apartments, 13 College Street, Wellington: Monitoring of Archaeological Deposits (R27/314) Under Historic Places Act Authority 2010/174 (2010)
R27/266: Monitoring Archaeology of the Wellington Convention and Exhibition Centre, ArchSite R27/266, Under Heritage NZ Authority 2019/658 (2020)
R27/201, R27/276: Archaeological Investigation of the Lower Karori Dam Spillway, Karori Wildlife Sanctuary (2009)
R27/424: 39 Pipitea Street, R27/424, Thorndon, Wellington: Archaeological Monitoring Report (2012)
R27/524: Archaeological Monitoring of Seismic Strengthening Works for St Mary of the Angels (Archsite R27/524), Wellington, under Heritage New Zealand 2015/942 for the Catholic Archbishop of Wellington (2016)
R27/252: Belmont Regional Park: Archaeological Monitoring of Road Construction (2017)
R27/399: Final Report on Archaeological Monitoring: 21 McFarlane St, Mount Victoria, Wellington (Archsite R27/399) under Heritage New Zealand Authority 2014/145 (2014)
R27/456: Brief Report On: Wellington Town Hall: Geotechnical Soil Testing March 2017 (2018)
R27/406: Mount Street Cemetery, Wellington: Archaeological Monitoring, Heritage New Zealand Authority 2012/757 (2019)
R27/154: Dixon Street Water Meter Installation: Final Report on Archaeological Monitoring (2017)
R27/570: Building Additions and Alterations, 100 Aro Street, Aro Valley, Wellington (Part NZAA R27/570). Archaeological Monitoring Report in Fulfilment Of HNZPT Authority 2016/1113 (2019)
R27/266: Allen Street Water Main Renewal: Report on Archaeological Monitoring (2017)
R27/24: Salvage Excavation and Analysis of Faunal Material from an Archaeological Site (R27/24) at Pauatahanui Inlet Near Wellington (2009)
R27/435: Mt Cook School, Corner Sages Lane and Tory Street, Te Aro, Wellington: Resource Room Addition - Archaeological Monitoring Report (2012)
R27/478: Bats Theatre 1-2 Kent Terrace, Wellington: NZAA R27/478 - Building Rennovation Archaeological Monitoring Report (2014)
R27/498: Wellington Cenotaph, Corner Bowen Street & Lambton Quay, Central Wellington: General Upgrade - Archaeological Monitoring Report (2015)
R27/306: 286 Oriental Parade, Oriental Bay, Wellington: Archaeological Monitoring Report (2010)
R27/197: Tree Removal, Military Road (R27/297), Miramar Peninsula, Archaeological Report Authority 2018-411 (2019)
R27/467: 222-236 Willis Street, Te Aro, Wellington: NZAA R27/467 - Archaeological Monitoring Report (2013)
R27/578: 83 Pirie Street, Mount Victoria, Wellington, Part NZAA Site R27/578, House Alterations, Archaeological Monitoring Report (2019)
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R27/513: Thistle Hall, 293 Cuba Street, Te Aro, Wellington NZAA Site R27/513: Archaeological Monitoring Report (2014)
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R27/406: Mount Street Cemetery, Wellington: Archaeological Monitoring of Cable Repair (2020)
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R27/479: 166 Molesworth Street, Thorndon, Wellington (R27/479): Archaeological Monitoring and Built Archaeology Report (2014)
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R27/567: 44 Thompson Street, Mt Cook, Wellington: Archaeological Monitoring Report (2016)
R27/452: Sewer Main Renewal Work, Adelaide Road, Mt Cook, Wellington: Archaeological Monitoring Report (2013)
R27/267: 288 Cuba Street, Wellington: Archaeological Monitoring (2009)
R27/421: Il Casino 106-112 Tory Street (R27/421), Wellington: Monitoring Report Under HP 2012/419 for Globe Holdings Ltd (2012)
R27/415: 30-38 Riddiford Street, Newtown, Wellington (R27/415): Archaeological Monitoring Report (2011)
R27/516, R27/515: Fry's Farm, End of Boulcott Street, Lower Hutt and Part Boulcott Farm, End of Military Road, Lower Hutt: Excavation for Soil Strength and Contamination Testing (2017)
R27/624: 163-165 Riddiford Street, Newtown: Report on Archaeological Monitoring (Authority 2019-166) (2018)
R27/554: Archaeological Monitoring under Heritage NZ Authority 2017/301 of Cabling in Tirangi Road and George Bolt Street for the Proposed Airways Wellington Control Tower, Wellington (2017)
R27/322: Gear Woolshed Porirua: Final Report on Archaeological Monitoring as Required by Authority 2013-675 (2014)
R27/316: Drummond Street Steps Upgrade, Drummond Street, Mount Cook, Wellington: Archaeological Monitoring Report for NZAA Site R27/316 (2011)
R27/516: Fry's Farm Excavation, Boulcott, Hutt City, (Part Lot 1 DP477960) Part NZAA Site R27/516 (2019)
R27/159: Archaeological Assessment of Proposed Track Realignment: Fort Buckley, Kaiwharawhara, Wellington (2008)
R27/408: Archaeological Monitoring of 184 Aro Street (R27/408) for David Young under HP Authority 2011/411 (2011)
R27/420: Shed 6 Area (Archsite R27/420), Queens Wharf: Archaeological Monitoring under HP 2013/313 for Wellington Waterfront Ltd (2013)
R27/626, R27/627: Mary Potter Apartments at Rear of 58-62 Mein Street, Newtown, Wellington, Demolition and Development (2020)
R27/501: Archaeological Monitoring of 22-32 Willis Street (R27/501) for Jones Lang LaSalle on Behalf of Grand Complex Properties Ltd under HP Authority 2013/725 (2014)
R27/322: Gear Homestead, Porirua (2015)
R27/135: Report on Midden Sample Taken From St Albans Churchyard R27/135 (2008)
R27/616: 41 Roxburgh Street, Mount Victoria, Wellington, NZAA Site R27/616 (2020)
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R27/653: 49-51 Hanson Street, Mt Cook, Wellington, Building Development Part NZAA Site R27/653 (2020)
R27/391: Wellington Central Fire Station, 2 Oriental Parade, Wellington: NZAA R27/391: Seismic Upgrade - Archaeological Monitoring Report (2015)
R27/272, R27/273, R27/274, R27/275: Supreme Court, Corners, Lambton Quay and Whitmore Street, Wellington: Archaeological Investigations (2009)
R27/407: Old St Paul's: Archaeological Monitoring (2011)
R27/232: 30 Myrtle Street Lower Hutt (2015)
R27/512: 2 Stafford Street, Mount Victoria, Wellington NZAA Site R27/512: Excavation Monitoring and Building Archaeology Report (2018)
R27/471: Archaeological Monitoring of Z Petrol Station Site (R27/471), 174 Vivian Street, Wellington under Authority HP 2013/232 for SKM and Z Energy Ltd (2013)
R27/448: 307 Willis Street, Te Aro, Wellington, R27/448: Building Archaeology and Archaeological Monitoring Report (2013)
R27/510: Archaeological Monitoring of R27/510, Block A Sacred Heart School, 12 Guildford Terrace, Wellington (2014)
R27/668, R27/669, R27/270: Nairn Street Flats Redevelopment, Wellington, Archaeological Report, Authority 2020-168 (2020)
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R27/420: Monitoring of Queens Wharf Repairs 2019-2020 under Heritage NZ Authority 2020/205 (2020)
R27/588: Archaeological Monitoring Report: 662-672 Fergusson Drive, Upper Hutt, Part NZAA Site R27/588 (2018)
R27/266: Wellington Railway Yards: Report on Archaeological Monitoring (2010)
R27/135: St Albans Church, Pauatahanui: Construction of Carpark and Toilet, Archaeological Monitoring (2020)
R27/271: 616 Marine Drive, Days Bay - Archaeological Investigation R27/271 (2007)
R27/490: Archaeological Monitoring of 76 Brougham Street (R27/490) Mt Victoria, Under HP 2013/598 for Athena Nominees Ltd (2013)
R27/309: Cobblestone Park Upgrade, 139 Vivian Street, Te Aro, Wellington: Archaeological Monitoring Report (2010)
R27/253: Ferry Wharf archSite R27/253 Maintenance, Wellington: Archaeological Monitoring under Heritage NZ 2020/750 (2021)
R27/631: Bond Street, Te Aro, Wellington, Cable Trenching, NZAA Site R27/631 (2019)
R27/470: 166 Taranaki Street, Wellington (2013)
R27/504: Monitoring of Access and Seismic Strengthening Works for 54 Porritt Av. (R27/504), Mt Victoria, Wellington (2019)
R27/261: 12 Majoribanks Street, Wellington (R27/261): Archaeological Investigation Prior to 2005 Site Redevelopment in Compliance with Authority #2005/251 (2012)
R27/564: Cuba Street Stormwater Upgrade: Archaeological Monitoring (2016)
R27/180, R27/161: Conservation Condition Assessment and Treatment Plan [EOC 8" Armstrong Gun, Fort Gordon, Miramar Peninsula, Wellington] (2013)
R27/135, R27/321: St Albans' Church, Pauatahanui: Report on Archaeological Monitoring As Required by Authority 2011-323 (2014)
R27/498: Wellington Cenotaph, Corner Bowen Street & Lambton Quay, Central Wellington: Electrical Cable Upgrade and Seismic Testing - Archaeological Monitoring Report (2013)
R27/500: Summary Monitoring Report: British High Commissioner's Residence, 50 Homewood Avenue, Wellington (2013)
R27/58: Kakariki-Hutia Paworser Bay, Archaeological Monitoring Report (Authority 2019-127) (2019)
R27/523: 179 Tasman Street, Mount Cook, Wellington NZAA Site R27/523: Building Demolition and Site Clearance - Archaeological Monitoring Report (2015)
R27/639: Building Alterations and Additions, St Oran's College, 550 High Street, Boulcott, Lower Hutt (2020)
R27/602: Building Demolition And Building Development: Island Bay Hotel Site, 20 Trent Street, Island Bay, Wellington (NZAA Site R27/602) (2018)
R27/426: Archaeological Monitoring of Repair/Renovation Work at 6 Prince Street (R27/426), Mt Victoria, under HP Authority 2012/338 (2013)
R27/554: Airways Control Tower, Rongotai, Archsite R27/554: Archaeological Monitoring under Heritage New Zealand 2016/481 (2016)
R27/517: Cuba Dixon Project, Wellington: Archaeological Monitoring of Site Redevelopment (2016)
R27/333: Development of Taranaki Wharf West Site, Wellington: Archaeological Monitoring of Historic Seawall (2011)
R27/566: Sewer & Stormwater Renewal, The Terrace, Central Wellington (Aurora Terrace to Bolton Street): Archaeological Monitoring Report (2017)
R27/409: Monitoring Report for 36 Riddlers Crescent (R27/409), Petone, under HP 2011/422 (2011)
R27/595: Archaeological monitoring of Archsite R27/595 Stewart Dawsons Corner, 360 and 366-368 Lambton Quay and 2-4 Willis Street, Wellington, for McKee Fehl Constructors Ltd under Heritage New Zealand authority 2018/267 (2018)
R27/388: Lower Cuba Street, Te Aro, Wellington "Golden Mile" Upgrade: Archaeological Monitoring Report (2011)
R27/618: 39 Glenbervie Terrace, Thorndon, Wellington (Part NZAA R27/618): Interim Archaeological Monitoring Report (2019)
R27/276: Zealandia, Wellington: Construction of Visitor Centre and Realignment of Spillway - Archaeological Monitoring (2010)
R27/317: Archaeological Monitoring of 29-31 Wigan Street (R27/317), Te Aro, Wellington, for Lighthouse Properties Wellington Ltd (2012)
R27/91, R27/209: Matiu/Somes Island, Wellington Harbour - Archaeological Monitoring of Water Reticulation Installation (2012)
R27/308: Monitoring of the Morgans Building 197-199 Cuba Street, Wellington (2012)
R27/403: Monitoring of 12 Alpha Street (R27/403), Wellington, under HP Authority 2011/379 for Lake Geneva Investments Ltd (2011)
R27/609: 42 Nelson Street, Petone, Wellington: NZAA Site R27/609 (2019)
R27/270: Final Report of Archaeological Monitoring Carried out During Construction of a Temporary Works Amenity for Wellington Tunnels Alliance (2012)
R27/549: Vivian Street Road Widening, Wellington: Building Recording & Archaeological Monitoring of Site R27/549 (Brunswick Hotel) at 269 Willis Street (2015)
R27/462: Piles of Wood: Report of Archaeological Monitoring for Wellington Tunnels Alliance (2012)
R27/405: Archaeological Monitoring of Murdoch Factory Buildings Site Area (R27/405), 129 Taranaki Street, Wellington, for Snefru Ltd under HP Authority 2011/385 (2011)
R27/399: 120 Oriental Parade, Oriental Bay, Wellington: Building Archaeology and Archaeological Monitoring Report (2011)
R27/402: Marsden Cottage Area (R27/402), Royal Society of New Zealand Campus, Wellington: Monitoring Under HP 2011/397 (2011)
R27/270, R27/558, R27/561, R27/562, R27/563: Victoria Street Transformation Project, Wellington: Archaeological Monitoring Report (Sites R27/270, R27/558, R27/561, R27/562 and R27/563) (2016)