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Additional Note, Site N20/127 (1980)
Archaeological Sites at Aramoana, Otago Harbour (1980)
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Lake Omapere Survey Report (1980)
Takahanga Pa Site: Preliminary Report on Archaeological Investigation (1980)
A Probable Rifle Trench (N78/351), Inland from Ohiwa Harbour (1980)
Raincliff Historic Reserve South Canterbury (1980)
Glenbrook Lateral Pipeline Archaeological Survey (1980)
Report to Project Archaeologist, Clutha Valley Development RE: Excavation Under Permit No. 1980/6 (1980)
Moehau Block, Coromandel State Forest Park 149, December 1980 (1980)
Archaeological Sites, Opua Bay, Queen Charlotte State Forest (1980)
Archaeological Site surveys: Waipoua State Forest (Kawerua) (1980)
Salvage Excavation of a Pit Site (N77/574), Kawerau (1980)
Archaeological Survey of the Waiho Block, Clevedon (1980)
Collection of Radiocarbon Samples from North Otago Sites (1980)
Site Recording Around Pouerua Volcanic Cone, Ohaeawai (1980)
Whitipirorua Farm: Archaeological Site Survey (1980)
Report on Human Skeletal Material from Tongue Point, Wellington, South Coast, Collected 21.12.79 (1980)
The Aorere Goldfields (1980)
Houhora - Mt. Camel Archaeological Site Survey (1980)
Radiocarbon Dates from Puhinui (N42/17), South Auckland (1980)
Lammerlaw Stream Site Survey (1980)
Gold Mines in State Forests of the Coromandel (1980)
Luggate Archaeological Survey (1980)
Archaeological Site Survey, Waiheke Island: Putiki Bay and Kennedy Peninsula (1980)
Ross' Rocks S155/38 (1980)
Archaeological Sites on Motuihe Island, Auckland (1980)
Lower Puniu River Survey Te Awamutu (1980)
Waiotahi Forest and Kererutahi Forest, Bay of Plenty (1980)
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Pahurehure Inlet Archaeological Site Survey (1980)
Little Barrier Island, Hauturu: Archaeological Site Survey (1980)
Waihou Valley State Forest 201, Michels Block Archaeological Site Survey (1980)
The Re-discovery of a Moa-hunting Site in the Old Man Range (1980)
Preliminary Report: Excavation at Site N12/102 Okahu Island (1980)
Queensberry Archaeological Survey (1980)
Archaeological Reconnaissance of Methanol Plant Site, Matarikoriko, Taranaki (1980)
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Sites and Historic Areas in the Otakou - Wickliffe Bay Area (1980)
Report on Excavation of a Burial at N164/13, Te Ika-A-Maru Bay (1980)
Archaeological Site Survey; Firth of Thames (1980)
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Excavations of N57/74 (Terrace) and N57/75 (Pit) (1980)
Ligar's Canal (1980)
Archaeological Survey of the Proposed Maui Gas Pipeline, Pukekohe to Westfield Section (1980)
Kaukapakapa Scenic Reserve (1980)
Report on Bottle Dig at Eden Crescent Site (1980)
Analysis of the Glass Bottles and Containers from Cromwell's Chinatown (1980)
Excavation at Karamuramu: Preliminary Report (1980)
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Maori Fortifications of the Omata and Oakura Districts, Taranaki (1980)
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Archaeological Site Survey: Vicinity Abel Tasman National Park (1980)
Lake Ototoa Scenic Reserve (1980)
Preliminary Report, Permit 1980/25, Site N118/96 (1980)
Archaeological Site Surveys: Tainui-Kawhia State Forest (Smith & Morrison Lease) (1980)
Site on corner of Pah and Atkins Streets, Motueka (1980)
Archaeological Site Survey - Okia Flat, Wickliffe Bay, Otago Peninsula (1980)
March 1980 Expedition to Slip Stream Special Area (1980)
Archaeological Assessment of Caxton Paper Mills Afforestation in the Eastern Bay of Plenty (1980)
Report On Search For Two "Endeavour" Cannons, Dusky Sound, Facile Harbour (1980)
Gisborne District - Archaeological Site Survey (1980)
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Anaura Bay Reserve (1980)
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Kawerau Site Survey: Final Report (1980-81)