115 And 115a Main Road, Redcliffs, Christchurch: Report on Archaeological Monitoring (2020)
Archaeological Monitoring Report: 2019 Conservation Works to Stabilize the Erosion of Pūkaki Lagoon Explosion Crater Southwest Rim (2020)
249 Pyes Pa Road: final report (HNZPTA 2020/268) (2020)
Final Report Craggy Range Track Remediation, AA 2020-097 (2020)
Final Report of Archaeological Monitoring Roydon Downs Road Seal Extension (2020)
Slaney Street Reserve, Final Report for Archaeological Investigations at Site No. E47/220 under Archaeological Authority No. 2020/455 (2020)
106 Vincent Street, Auckland: Archaeological Monitoring Report (2020)
Omokoroa UFB2 Build (HNZPT Authority 2018/186): Final Report (2020)
21-23 Ross Place, Lawrence Letter Report for Site Works (2020)
Archaeological Authority 2019/515: 184 Te Apiti Rd, Waimārama, Stage 1 Papakāinga Development (2020)
Final Monitoring Report Authority 2014/742 (2020)
Final Report for Geological Trenching at Ouepoto Station, Aramoana, Southern Hawke's Bay (2020)
Te Puke UFB2 Build (HNZPT Authority 2019/316): Final Report (2020)
Archaeological Authority final report: 2018/418EM1 and 2018/548 170 Esplanade, Kaikoura (2020)
Archaeological report for ArchSite Y19/93 under HNZ 2019/377, Lot 3 DP 426214 Mahanga Beach, Wairoa District (2020)
Matuku Waterway, Christchurch Report on archaeological monitoring (M36/781) (2020)
Final Report of Archaeological Monitoring Allport Road Seal Extension (2020)
Archaeological Results of the Geotechnical Investigations at the Long Bay Development, Stage 20 For Heritage New Zealand Archaeological Authority 2018/514 (2020)
Archaeological Authority final report 2017/642 : Bark Bay, Abel Tasman National Park (2020)
Archaeological Monitoring Report for Stage 5 of Tana Pukekohatu Subdivision, Motueka, Authority 2018/452 (2020)
Archaeological Monitoring at Ladies Bay Walkway – HNZ Authority 2019/549 (2020)
Stirling Point Walkway Repair, Report for Site Works Undertaken under Archaeological Authority 2020/322 (2020)
21 Exeter Street, and 16 and 18 Winchester Street, Lyttelton (St Joseph's School) (2020)
Monitoring Archaeology of the Wellington Convention and Exhibition Centre, ArchSite R27/266, Under Heritage NZ Authority 2019/658 (2020)
Part Embassy of the United States of America Compound, Murphy Street, Thorndon, Wellington, Car Park Development Part NZAA Site R27/662 Archaeological Monitoring Report (2020)
Transpower maintenance works at tower HEN-MPE-A0152: Preliminary report for HNZPTA authority 2020/276 (2020)
Archaeological Authority Final Report 2020/329: South Bay Racecourse, Kaikoura (2020)
Akaroa Service Renewal: Report on Archaeological Monitoring (2020)
Takarunga / Mt Victoria track upgrade (HNZPT authority 2019/489): final report (2020)
T14/651: A Ngati Haua Village; Hopehill, 789 Te Miro Road, Te Miro, Archaeological Investigation Report (2020)
Nairn Street Flats Redevelopment, Wellington, Archaeological Report, Authority 2020-168 (2020)
Matapihi UFB2 Build (HNZPT Authority 2019/099): Final Report (2020)
38 Oxford Terrace, Christchurch: Report on Archaeological Monitoring (2020)
Te Koru - Tree Removal, Final Archaeological Report - Authority 2015-112 (2020)
Wright Road, Aongatete Road Re-Alignment Project Archaeological Results and Conclusions in Fulfilment of Archaeological Authority 2018/116 (condition 7) (2020)
Friends of Maungawhau Southern Planting Programme, Maungawhau / Mt Eden (HNZPT Authority 2017/534) Final Report (2020)
Interim Report: Archaeological monitoring of Mansell subdivision Otaihanga Road, Waikanae, under Heritage NZ authority 2020/378, Manawatu Bridge Archaeology Monitoring under Heritage New Zealand Authority 2016/337 for New Zealand Transport Agency (2020, 2020)
276 Churchill East Road, Te Kauwhata (HNZPT Authority 2020/541): Final Report (2020)
211, 213 Durham Street, 134, 136 and 140 St Asaph Street, and 35 Walker Street, Christchurch - Volume I (2020)
4235A Christchurch Akaroa Road (Little River Railway Goods Shed): A Report on Archaeological Monitoring (2020)
Thompsons Track Roading Upgrade - Aongatete, Western Bay of Plenty, Aotearoa New Zealand, Final Archaeological Monitoring and Recording Report (2020)
211, 213 Durham Street, 134, 136 and 140 St Asaph Street, and 35 Walker Street, Christchurch - Volume III (2020)
Katikati / Aongatete UFB2 Build (HNZPT Authority 2018/635): Final Report (2020)
Maungawhau Toilet Block (HNZPT Authority 2019/117) Final Report (2020)
73-75 Main Road and 1 Cresswell Avenue, Governors Bay Report on Archaeological Monitoring (M36/726) (2020)
Archaeological Authority Report 2020/232: Road Reserve on SH2 adjacent to Te Ngarue Stream and part Sec 3 SO479672 Tangoio, Hawkes Bay (2020)
Interim Report of Excavations At 197 Campbell Road, Otamarakau, Bay Of Plenty (2020)
Archaeological Report: 107 Wharf Street, In Fulfilment of Archaeological Authority 2015/075 (2020)
Hillside Crescent Walking Track and Associated Planting, Maungawhau / Mt Eden (HNZPT Authority 2017/735) Final Report (2020)
96 Hunter Terrace, Christchurch: Report on Archaeological Monitoring (2020)
Final Report (Part 2) Authority 2015/958, Wartle Estate S14/252, 202 Matangi Road, Tamahere (2020)
Archaeological Report on a new Wastewater System at Taumutu Marae (2020)
Archaeological Monitoring of the Reconductoring of the Transpower Bunnythorpe to Haywards (BPE-HAY) A and B Transmission Lines under Heritage New Zealand Authorities 2016/750, 2018/567, 2016/718, 2016/184, 2016/396, 2016/633, 2016/777, 2019/440 and 2019/729 (2020)
Archaeological Authority Interim Report 2019/635: Demolition & Building Recording of McAra House & Sunday School Hall, 11 Deal Street, Kaikoura (2020)
Archaeological Authority Final Report, 2013/673: Kokorua Spit, Nelson (2020)
A02a Gollans Bay Project and A05 - Stage 2 Quarry Haul Road Upgrade (M36/93), Port of Lyttelton, Lyttelton (2020)
Archaeological Monitoring Under Heritage New Zealand Authority 2019/354 of Lots 1 and 5 DP 421384 Light Industrial and Commercial Development at Ngaumutawa Road for Simon Griffith and Sophie Stewart (2020)
Cockle Bay Erosion Control Upgrade, Auckland: Final Archaeological Monitoring Report (2020)
Archaeological Authority final report: 2014/1026: Nikau Bay Forestry (2020)
Archaeological Monitoring of Carpark Upgrade, Myers Park, Auckland (2020)
Raglan UFB2 Build (HNZPT Authority 2019/317): Final Report (2020)
41 Roxburgh Street, Mount Victoria, Wellington, NZAA Site R27/616 (2020)
Final Report, Russell St Rising Main: Gisborne, AA2019-153 (2020)
Archaeological Authority final report 2019/355: Retaining wall repair Frenchman’s Bay, Abel Tasman (2020)
356-366 Gloucester Street, Christchurch Archaeological report (2020)
Transpower maintenance works at towers HEN-MPE-A0197 and HEN-MPE-A0198: Preliminary report for HNZPTA authority 2020/277 (2020)
Huntly UFB2 Build (HNZPT Authority 2018/769): Final Report (2020)
Removal of Southern Bridge Abutment 2014-993: Kerikeri Mission Station, Kerikeri Road, Kerikeri 0230 (2020)
North East Valley 3 Waters Upgrades Interim Report for Archaeological Investigations (2020)
21 Colenso Street, Christchurch, Report on Archaeological Monitoring (2020)
17 Shrewsbury Street, Merivale, Christchurch, Report on Archaeological Monitoring of Site M35/2026 (2020)
Report on Archaeological Authority No. 2016/820: Eastland Port, 18/381, Y18/382, Y18/390, Reads Store, Kaiti Freezing Works and Ruatanuika Gardens, Wharfside Logyard, Eastland Port, Rakaiatane Road, Gisborne, Report on Archaeological Authority No. 2018/83: Gisborne District Council, Y18/22, Y18/30, T18/391 and Y18/392, Inner Harbour Marina Precinct, The Esplanade, Gisborne (2020, 2020)
211, 213 Durham Street, 134, 136 and 140 St Asaph Street, and 35 Walker Street, Christchurch - Volume II (2020)
Proposed Erebus Memorial Site, Dove Myer Robinson Park, Parnell, Auckland: Report on Exploratory S56 Archaeological Investigation of R11/2681 (2020)
Construction of Wetland And Walkway, Catalina Precinct, Hobsonville: Archaeological Monitoring Report (2020)
332 Hereford Street, Christchurch (2020)
Remutaka Rail Trail, Pakuratahi Forest, Upper Hutt, Final Archaeological Monitoring Report (Number 5) (2020)
Transpower maintenance works at towers HEN-MPE-A0044: Preliminary report for HNZPTA authority 2020/274, Archaeological Monitoring at Alexandra Park, R11/2989: Interim Report (HNZPTA Authority 2015/973) (2020, 2020)
217-221 Armagh Street, Christchurch Report on archaeological monitoring under Heritage New Zealand Pouhere Taonga authority 2019/495eq (2020)
Torpedo Bay Safety Fence (HNZPT Authority 2019/633) and Torpedo Bay Jetty Repair (HNZPT Authority 2020/117): Final Report (2020)
Post-Harvest Assessment of Briggs Block, Onamalutu Valley, Marlborough (2020)
Final Archaeological Report - Contouring for Avocado Planting, in Fulfilment of HNZPT Archaeological Authority: 2020/280, Part of 187 Henry Road, Katikati, Western Bay of Plenty (2020)
Former Bank of New Zealand, 200 Main South Road, Waikouaiti, Final Report for Archaeological Investigations at Site No. I43/157 under Archaeological Authority No. 2016/1218 (2020)
Akaroa Place de la Poste Toilet Block - 82 Rue Lavaud, Akaroa, Final Report on Archaeological Work under HNZPT Authority 2020/027 (2020)
Tamahere UFB2 (HNZPT Authority 2018/622: Final Report (2020)
3 Kaka Road, South Bay, Kaikoura (2020)
Dowling/Tennyson Street Slip Works, Letter Report for Site Works Undertaken under Archaeological Authority 2018/753 (2020)
Interim Report on Archaeological monitoring at 20 Ethel Benjamin Place, Dunedin. (2020)
Te Nihinihi Mission Station Archaeological investigation report – R14/255 (2020)
Archaeological Authority 2019/256 (2020)