Archaeological Monitoring of Site R10/1153, Waru Nui Court, Orewa: Final Report (2010)
Report on Excavations that were Involved with Authority 2011/74, Torquay and Killarney Streets, Kaikoura (2010)
Report on Archaeological Monitoring at Deep Creek Water Race, NZAA H44/1061, Central Otago (2010)
Heritage Assessment & Maintenance Plan: Whiritoa Rock Art & Adjacent Pa Site (2010)
Whangarei Heads Sewerage Scheme: Final Archaeological Monitoring Report (2010)
Historic Resources on the Dunstan Peaks Pastoral Lease (2010)
Report on Archaeological Excavations: Z16/110, Busby's Hill, State Highway 35 (2010)
Report on Post-Harvest Inspection Site V18/44 Compartment 129 P Basin Road, Whirinaki Forest (2010)
Authority 2009/307 - R11/918, Awanui Street, Birkenhead (2010)
Final Report on Archaeological Investigation of the Mountaineer, Queenstown, Under HPA Authority 2005/145 (2010)
Post Harvest Inspection Archaeological Site J33/127, Compartment 13, Kaniere Forest (2010)
Point Erin Pools, Auckland, Watermain Development: Monitoring Report (2010)
Puwera Landfill Site, Portland, Whangarei: Final Report on Excavations at Sites Q07/1091, 1092 and 1103 in fulfilment of NZHPT Authority No. 2004/50 and 2009/250 (2010)
Monitoring of Drainage Earthworks at the Quarantine Island (Kamau Taurua) Married Person's Quarters (I44/316), Otago Harbour (2010)
Takapu Island, Tawa: Report on Archaeological Monitoring of Proposed Redevelopment, Authority 2008/129 (2010)
Pre-Construction Inspections of Proposed Landing Sites Within Compartment 93, Otanguru Block, Whangapoua Forest (2010)
Golgotha Wahi Tapu Site (T27/18): Logging by Juken NZ Ltd (JNL) - Report to Historic Places Trust on Authority 2010/277 (2010)
Archaeological Assessment & Monitoring of Water Tank Sites, Kawau Island Historic Reserve (2010)
Report on Waiopuka Walkway Installation, Kaikoura (2010)
Post-Harvest Site Inspections: T12/432, 434 and 435 Within Compartment 150, Ohui Block, Tairua Forest (2010)
Wellington Inner City Bypass Archaeological Investigations - Arthur Street, Cuba Street, Tonks Avenue: Volume IV - Specialist Reports, Glassware (2010)
Post-Harvest Assessment of Effects: Waihou South Block, Sites T14/65, 66, 67 and 68 (2010)
Archaeological Investigation of Site T12/1084, Whangamata, Final Report (2010)
NZHPT Authority 2009/200 - Ohope Fire Water Flow Pipeline (2010)
Post Harvest Archaeological Survey: Compartments 1/01, 1/02, 1/03, 1/04, 1/05 & 2/01, Pah Nui Forest, Mahanga, Mahia (2010)
Archaeological Monitoring of Site R10/1153, Waru Nui Court, Orewa: Preliminary Report (2010)
Cold Water Creek Stabilisation Works, Deborah Bay, Dunedin: Archaeological Monitoring Report (2010)
Final Report on Archaeological Monitoring for New BSTP Pipeline (2010)
The Dunedin Causeway: Archaeological Investigations at the Wall Street Mall Site, Dunedin (2010)
R11/1593 - Blackburn Road Ururpa Reserve, 15R Blackburn Road, East Tamaki, Manukau City (2010)
Maungawhau-Mt Eden Domain Watercare Reservoirs Upgrade: Archaeological Monitoring Report (2010/357) (2010)
Report on Archaeological Monitoring of Earthworks Related to the Mulberry Grove School Culvert Upgrade, Shoal Bay Road, Tryphena, Great Barrier Island: Archaeological Monitoring Under NZHPT Authority 2011/01 (2010)
Report on the Archaeological Investigations of U14/2912, U14/2913 and U14/3303: Asher Block, Omanu-Papamoa, Bay of Plenty (2010)
The Foundations of the Homebush Homestead (2010)
The Archaeology of the Clevedon Village and Wairoa River Valley (2010)
Monitoring the Earthworks Associated with the Development of an Early Learning Centre at Auckland Point Primary School, the Site of O27/49, Matangi Awhio (2010)
Archaeological Monitoring of Motuara Island Walkway (2010)
Archaeological Monitoring: Playground Development, R11/917, Tui Park, Beachhaven, North Shore City (2010)
139 Arney Road (Site R11/2341), Remuera: Final Archaeological Report (2010)
Archaeological Excavations at St George's Redoubt Historic Reserve (2010)
Reko's Point Conservation Area - Track Upgrade: Assessment of Affects (Final Report). (2010)
Kopu Bridge Replacement: Report on the Archaeological Monitoring of Works Relating to the New Road Formation (2010)
Archaeological Assessment of Featherston Military Camp and Featherston Prisoner of War Camp (2010)
Archaeological Monitoring of Restoration of Monte Cecilia House and Grounds, July 2009 and April 2010 (2010)
Wellington Inner City Bypass Archaeological Investigations - Arthur Street, Cuba Street, Tonks Avenue: Volume II - Appendices to Archaeological Excavations (2010)
Otago Peninsula Roading Improvements: Macandrew Bay and Ohinetu Sea Walls (2010)
Archaeological Excavations at the Waiteika Stream, Opunake (2010)
Archaeological Report for 159 South Bay Parade, South Bay, Kaikoura (2010)
Structural Report: Devonport Bear Garden Wall, Prepared for North Shore Heritage Trust (2010)
The Cuddy: Final Report on the Archaeological Excavation at Te Waimate Station, State Highway 82 Waimate (2010)
Archaeological Monitoring of the Paulsen Property, Lots 4 and 5, Cooks Crescent, Stephens Bay, Tasman (2010)
NZHPT Archaeological Authority Number 2010/256: Pukemanuka Pa, U14/158, Jess Road, Plummers Point, Tauranga (2010)
Post Harvest Inspection of Part Archaeological Site W16/12, Sisams Forest (2010)
Manukau Memorial Gardens Stage III: Archaeological Monitoring of Bridge Construction over Waokauri Creek (2010)
Oamaru Harbourside Walkway and Trenches: Interim Report to New Zealand Historic Places Trust on Authority 2009/214 (2010)
The Kaikoura Courthouse - A Postmortem Report (2010)
Report on Archaeological Monitoring of Slip Stabilisation at the Hamilton City Council Kirikiriroa Reserve (2010)
Archaeological Investigation of the Waikawa Site (G47/8), Southland (2010)
Double Tracking of Main Trunk Rail Line, MacKays Crossing-Waikanae: Archaeological Monitoring (2010)
Geotechnical Testing, Auckland University Quadrant Street Upgrade Project: Archaeological Monitoring Report (2010)
Report on Earthworks Monitoring of the Refinery Building Relocation, Waihi Grand Junction Mine, Waihi (2010)
Cobblestone Park Upgrade, 139 Vivian Street, Te Aro, Wellington: Archaeological Monitoring Report (2010)
Pre-Harvest Site Inspection: T12/616-618, T12/651 - Compartment 33, Main Block, Tairua Forest, Sale Area 60903301 (2010)
Oamaru Heritage Area Roads (2010)
Auckland Metro Rail Electrification Project: Parnell Tunnel Archaeological Monitoring Report (2010)
Post Harvest Assessment of Archaeological Sites in Puhipuhi Forest (2010)
Auckland Art Gallery (Toi O Tamaki) Extension: Archaeological Monitoring Report (2010)
South Canterbury Woolen Mill, Timaru (K39/19): A Report on Archaeological Investigations (2010)
Blakie House Site, 110 Orepuki-Riverton Highway, Riverton: Monitoring Report of Property Development (2010)
Post Harvest Inspection, Archaeological Site W16/192 (2010)
67B Sewell Street, Kaiapoi: Report on Archaeological monitoring (2010)
Otahuna Estate: Earthquake Mitigation Works (2010)
Archaeological Report on the Investigation of Archaeological Features Surrounding the Base of the Pencarrow Lighthouse (2010)
Ohauiti 11 kV Feeder Cable, Kaitemako Substation, Welcome Bay: Archaeological Monitoring and Investigation (2010)
Pre-Construction Investigation of Site T11/1023 (Historic Trig Station) & Harvest Plan for T11/249 (Historic Terraces), Compartment 67, Western Whangapoua Forest (2010)
Waipao Bay Excavation (2010)
Report on Archaeological Authority No 2008/323: Crawford Subdivision, Palliser Bay Station, Te Humenga, Palliser Bay (2010)
Interim Report on Archaeological Investigations of G42/114 and G42/311, Lake Roxburgh (2010)
Report on Archaeological Investigations of Archaeological Site Q08/547, Waipu Forest (Allot 365 Parish of Waipu CT253/190): Archaeological Investigation under NZHPT Authority 2010/279 (2010)
Investigation of the Wreck of the Hydrabad - Updated Report (2010)
Installation of Tsunami Monitoring Station, Korotiti Bay, Great Barrier Island: Preliminary Archaeological Monitoring Report (2010)
Stable Lane (Site R11/2450): Archaeological Monitoring Report (2010)
Draft Conservation & Management Plan for Waihi Grand Junction Refinery Building (2010)
Final Report on Archaeological Monitoring at the Mediterranean Garden Site (I44/406), Dunedin Botanic Gardens (2010)
File Note: Pre-Construction - Compartment 112, Whangapoua Forest, Coromandel (2010)
Archaeological Monitoring of the Logging of Archaeological Site Q07/1073, Mt Tiger/Awaroa Forest, as per Authority 2008/09 (2010)
Bob's Cove Lime Kiln: A Report on NZHPT Authority 2001/137 (2010)
Section 18 Investigation at the Orange Grove, 1201 Hukuai Settlement Road, Pauanui (2010)
Upgrade of St Patrick's Cathedral Square, Auckland: Archaeological Monitoring Report (2010)
Report on Archaeological Work Carried out on Part of S14/39 Kirikiriroa Pa in Association with Araldon Holdings Construction Projects, Hamilton (2010)
Archaeological Monitoring at Wenderholm Regional Park (R10/1042, R10/179), Rodney District (2010)
Test Trenching, Paraparaumu Airport, Kapiti Coast (2010)
Report on the Human Bones Found on The Esplanade, Kaikoura (2010)
Pre-Harvest Inspection of Site T12/568 Within Sale Area 60905702, Compartment 57, Main Block, Tairua Forest - NZHPT Authority 2011/06 (2010)
Final Report for the Mahinepua Peninsula Track Upgrade: Authority Number 2010/69 (2010)
Archaeological Monitoring at Pakuranga Substation, Auckland (2010)
Post-Harvest of Sites V15/495 and V15/498 - Compartment 37, Omataroa Forest, Awakeri (2010)
Bunyan Road, Coastlands, Whakatane - Monitoring Report (2010)
Archaeological Monitoring: Mapua Rabbit Island Rising Main, Rabbit Island and Bell Island (2010)
Te Mingi Forest, Parengarenga Harbour, Northland: Post Harvest Archaeological Assessment (NZHPT Authority 2007/358) (2010)
Queen Mary Hospital Hanmer Springs: Archaeological Monitoring (2010)
Rimutaka Rail Alignment, Martins Forest: Archaeological Report (2010)
Post Harvest Inspection Archaeological Site J32/39, Compartment 9, Nemona Forest (2010)
An Investigation of Archaeological Features at Otamure, Waikahoa and Puriri Bay Campsites, Whangarei (2010)
Monitoring of Toilet Excavation at the Lindis Pass Hotel (G40/18), Nine Mile Historic Reserve, Otago (2010)
Archaeological Investigation of Site T11/928, Cooks Beach, Coromandel Peninsula: Final Report (2010)
Dipton Creek Culvert, SH 6: Final Report on Authority No. 2010/17 (2010)
M.P. 50-969: An Archaeological Report on Test Pitting (2010)
Hall Property, 854 Clevedon-Kawakawa Bay Road, Clevedon (2010)
Archaeological Monitoring of the Railway Retaining Wall (M35/205), HPT Authority 2010/313 at Sutton Quay, Lyttelton (2010)
Okura Walkway, Karepiro Bay, Auckland: Report on Archaeological Monitoring of Track Construction Works Affecting R10/593 (2010)
T12/797 and T12/1355: Results of Test Investigations (2010)
File Note: Post-Harvest Inspection of Hautu Urupa, Q10/1026, Within Compartment 32, Woodhill South Forest (2010)
An "Accidental" Archaeological Survey of the West Bank of Mountain Camp Creek, Wakamarina Goldfield (2010)
Archaeological Geomagnetic Report, Paraparaumu Airport (2010)
File Note: Pre-Construction - Compartment 96, Whangapoua Forest, Coromandel (2010)
Post Harvest Inspection Archaeological Site W16/155, Compartment 447, Taneatua Forest (2010)
Inspection of T11/234 - Pits and Terrace, Compartment 85, Western Whangapoua Forest, Coromandel Peninsula (2010)
Blue Lake Recreation Reserve Wasterwater Trench: Report Fulfilling NZHPT Requirements of Archaeological Authority 2010/100 (2010)
Waterfall Road Connection, Paekakariki, Kapiti Coast: Section 18 Archaeological Investigation Report (2010)
NZ Historic Places Trust Authority 2010/340, R11/833, Princes Street/Wellesley Street East (2010)
Dublin Street Wall: Reconstruction Report (2010)
Maheno Farms Irrigation Limited, State Highway One, Maheno, Otago, Monitoring Report (2010)
Waikaraka Forest, Onerahi, Whangarei District: Pre-Harvest Archaeological Assessment (2010)
Report Compiled to Complete Archaeological Authority 2003-221 (Bendigo Ruins Stabilisation Works) (2010)
Archaeological Monitoring of the Albany Senior High School Development, in the Area of the Historic Lucas Creek and Albany Schools (R10/1135), Albany Highway, Auckland (2010)
Kumutoto Precinct Archaeology - Monitoring, December 2009, for Wellington Waterfront Ltd (2010)
Site Damage Assessment: V15/487 PA, Sale Area SA61201509E, Compartment 37, Omataroa Forest, Awakeri (2010)
Report on Ocean Ridge Archaeology (2010)
Archaeological Report on the Monitoring of the Paroa Bay Farms Ltd Access Road Up-Grade and Associated Drainage Works (2010)
Further Archaeological Monitoring at South Bay In Accordance with HPA Authority 2006/184 Kaikoura Walkway, Kaikoura Peninsula (2010)
Archaeological Investigations at Te Ahua Pa (Q11/61) Waitakere Coast, West Auckland: Preliminary Excavation Report for NZHPT (2010)
File Note: Post Harvest Compartment 91 & 92, Whangapoua Forest, Coromandel (2010)
Rw: SH20 - Mt Roskill Extension: Archaeological Monitoring HPT Authorities 2003/99 & 100 (2010)
File Note: Location of T12/60 in Relation to Sale Area 60908901, North Peninsula Block, Tairua Forest (2010)
Archaeological Monitoring at Totaranui Campground, Golden Bay (2010)
Pre-Harvest Site Check & Harvest Plan for: T13/18 [pa], SA 61000401, and General Background for NZHPT Authority Application for Athenree Forest (2010)
Forte Apartments, 13 College Street, Wellington: Monitoring of Archaeological Deposits (R27/314) Under Historic Places Act Authority 2010/174 (2010)
Monitoring Earthworks at Lot 20, Poranui Beach Road, Birdlings Flat (2010)
31 Currie Street, Port Chalmers: Report to New Zealand Historic Places Trust on Authority No. 2010/275 (2010)
Pegasus Town Ltd Archaeological Report on the Easement Through the Western Conservation Management Area (2010)
Post Harvest Inspection Archaeological Site J32/75, 93, 231, Compartment 28/1, Waimea Forest (2010)
Devonport Bear Garden Wall (R11/1952): Archaeological Report (2010)
Investigation of Awaruku Ridge, Long Bay, R10/1098-10 (Part of HP Authorities 2010/44 & 2010/430) (2010)
Final Report on Archaeological Investigation at the Skyline Arcade, Rees Street, Queenstown (2010)
Rosebank Peninsula, Auckland: Archaeological and Heritage GIS Overlays (2010)
The Excavation of a Roof and Two Stairwells, Site R11/1723, Fort Takapuna (Authority No. 2003/113) (2010)
157 Poranui Beach Road, Birdlings Flat: A Report on Archaeological Monitoring (2010)
286 Oriental Parade, Oriental Bay, Wellington: Archaeological Monitoring Report (2010)
Investigation and Recovery of Waka, Okiritoto Stream, Muriwai Regional Park (2010)
Archaeological Monitoring of Landslip Remediation Works, 75 Omokoroa Road, Omokoroa (Authority 2010/7) (2010)
Preliminary Monitoring of The Narrows Subdivision, Western Lake Road, Featherston (2010)
Q Theatre, 305-309 Queen Street, 20-22 Greys Avenue, Auckland: Summary Archaeological Report (2010)
Archaeological Monitoring of Riverhead Mill Reserve & Murray Jones Reserve, Riverhead (2010)
File Note: Pre-Construction - Compartment 97, Whangapoua Forest, Coromandel (2010)
The Day of Small Things. Archaeology at Saint Patrick's Cathedral, Wyndam Street, Auckland (Allotments 32-35, Section 18) (2010)
The Masonic Tavern Site, King Edward Parade, Devonport (2010)
Report on Post Harvest Inspection Compartment 13, Tuhoe Forest, Waiohou (2010)
Wellington Inner City Bypass Archaeological Investigations - Arthur Street, Cuba Street, Tonks Avenue: Volume I - Archaeological Excavations (2010)
Archaeological Monitoring for Earthworks: Parton Road Water Main Relocation Enabling Work (2010)
Final Report on Archaeological Investigations of G42/114 and G42/311, Lake Roxburgh (2010)
S15/398 - Star Tavern: Monitoring of Earthworks at the Lots 2 and 3 DP 397893, Leslie Street, Kihikihi (2010)
Pataua Beach Access, Archaeological Monitoring of Site Q07/19, Archaeological Authority No. 2007/12 (2010)
"The Old School Room" (T24/37, Archaeological Monitoring under Authority HP 2011/59 for the New Hall Area, All Saints' Church, Palmerston North (2010)
HPT Report Arrowtown Chinese Village: A Report on NZHPT Authority 2003-256 (2010)
An Archaeological Inspection of Sites Along the Completed Stock Exclusion Fence Around One Rare Snail Colony at Te Paki Trig (2010)
Puketapapa/Mt Roskill Cycleway, Auckland (Site R11/19): Archaeological Monitoring Report (2010)
28 Wiltshire Street, Arrowtown (2010)
Silverdale North, Precints 5 & 6: Final Report on Archaeological Investigations (2010)
Pre-Harvest Walkover Survey of Sale Area 60914508E Within Ohui Block, Tairua Forest (2010)
Monitoring of Earthworks Associated with Wastewater System Installation at White's Bay Recreation Reserve, Marlborough (2010)
Project Greenhouse Archaeological Excavation, Bayly Road, New Plymouth: Archaeological Investigation Report - NZHPT Authority 2009/157 (2010)
Otumanga Pump Station to Maungatapu Rising Main - Monitoring Report (2010)
Alpine Stamper Battery (F42/265): Drainage of Stamper Battery Pit (2010)
302 Blenheim Road, Christchurch (M35/394): A Report on Archaeological Monitoring (2010)
Zealandia, Wellington: Construction of Visitor Centre and Realignment of Spillway - Archaeological Monitoring (2010)
Site Q07/616, Southend Avenue, Limeburners Creek, Whangarei: Final Excavation Report (2010)
Macandrew Bay South Sea Walls: Otago Peninsula Road Improvements (2010)
Report on Archaeological Monitoring of Earthwork Associated with Construction of Bunnings Warehouse, Te Awamutu (2010)
Report on Archaeological Investigation, 37 The Mall, Mount Maunganui, Tauranga (2010)
Archaeological Report on the Monitoring of the Paroa Bay Farms Ltd Access Road Upgrade and Associated Drainage Works (Stage 1) in Partial Fulfilment of NZHPT Authority 2009/154 (2010)
Archaeological Monitoring Report: Raglan Old School Arts Centre, Stewart Street, Raglan (2010)
Archaeological Monitoring Kennedy Road Reservoir Site (2010)
Cambridge Ten Star Redoubt (S15/320): Archaeological Investigation Report (2010)
Pegasus Archaeology - The Eighth Six-Monthly Interim Report April 2009 to September 2009 (2010)
Russell Police Station Site, 30 York St. (Allotment 7, Section V): Archaeological Monitoring of Foundation and Drainage Work (2010)
Little Akaloa Wharf Repair (2010)
Archaeological Monitoring of a Water Main Replacement, Seaforth Road, Waihi Beach (Authority 2009/68) (2010)
File Note: Post Harvest Surveys of Compartments 64 and 65 Within Whangapoua Forest (2010)
Midland Park, Lambton Quay, Wellington Upgrade: Archaeological Monitoring Report (2010)
Jubilee Building Area (NZAA Site Number S23/99) Mancester Square, Feilding: Monitoring Report under Historic Places Act Authority 2010/360 (2010)
A Ship in a Cottage: McCormick's Cottage, R11/2456, Te Atatu Peninsula, Waitakere City, Archaeological Investigation of the Floor, Subfloor and Surrounds (2010)
Wellington Railway Yards: Report on Archaeological Monitoring (2010)
Archaeological Investigation of Midden/Burial R10/1148, 39 Saltburn Rd, Milford Beach, North Shore, Auckland (2010)
Final Report on Archaeological Excavations at Cooks Cove Z17/311, Tolaga Bay, East Coast, North Island (2010)
Report on Post Harvest Inspection Site V18/16 Compartment 129 P Basin Road, Whirinaki Forest (2010)
Archaeological Excavations at Wairau Road, Oakura (2010)
Final Report on Archaeological Monitoring of the Arrowtown Cottages (2010)
143 Vivian Street Wellington: Archaeological Monitoring (2010)
Addendum to "Alfriston Site, 1444 Alfriston Rd, Papakura, Auckland: Archaeological Monitoring Report" (2010)
Pre-Harvest Walkover Within Maori Gully, Compartment 46, Sale Area 60904501, Main Block, Tairua Forest (2010)
Blue Lake Recreation Reserve: Outcome of Interpretation Installation (2010)
Archaeological Monitoring, Muriwai Drive, Whakatane (2010)
Annual Report of Archaeological Investigations Associated with the Oakley Creek Revegetation Programme, Authority 2009-320 (2010)
Newmont Waihi Gold, Martha East Layback Project, Historic Grand Junction Refinery Building, Existing Foundation Investigation (2010)
Archaeological Monitoring of Stormwater Upgrade Works: City Park Services, Kari Street Nursery, Kari Street, Auckland (2010)
Report on Archaeological Inspection of Ngatiawa Eucalyptus Forest, Wainui road, Ohope (2010)
Pre-Construction Inspections of Planned Landing Sites 0931_10 and 0931_11 and Road 0930 RL2 Adjacent Murphy's Mine Sites T11/437-441, Within Compartment 93, Whangapoua Forest (2010)
Forgotten But Not Quite Gone: The Dandy Bay Rock Shelter, Kawau Island (2010)
Archaeological Monitoring of the Harvesting of the Wakatu Forestry Block, Parapara (2010)
Archaeological Monitoring of NZHPT Pompallier Mission Hillside Re-planting and Seed Dispersal (Areas 1A and 1B) Pompallier, Russell, Bay of Islands (2010)
Whangarei East Forest, Ngunguru Ford Road, Ngunguru, Northland: Post Harvest Archaeological Assessment (NZHPT Authority 2009/48) (2010)
Wainuiomata Lower Dam Restoration November 2010-11-23 (2010)
Kitchener Street, Auckland: NZHPT Authority 2011/131 - Report and Assessment (2010)
State Highway 2, Dowse to Petone Upgrade: Archaeological Monitoring Report (2010)
Monitoring of Ngaroto Road Rail Overbridge Upgrade: Ngaroto, Waikato (2010)
Report on the Archaeological Investigation under Authority 2010/276, N25/83 (Occupation Site/Midden) at 14 Peninsula Road, Tata Beach, Lot 8 DP5768, Golden Bay (2010)
Preconstruction Site Inspection, T11/250 - Cpt 67, Western Whangapoua Forest, Coromandel Peninsula (2010)
Report on Archaeological Monitoring of Earthworks Related to the Installation of the Whare Runanga Forecourt Lights, Waitangi National Reserve, Tau Henere Drive, Waitangi: Archaeological Monitoring Under NZHPT Authority 2010/233 (2010)
Monitoring of Drainage Works Near N26/252, Motueka Pa: In Partial Fulfillment of NZHPT Authority 2009/210 (2010)
Post Harvest Assessment: Archaeological Sites X15/96, 242, 244, 245, 280, 281 - NZHPT Authority 2007/327 - Houpoto Forest, Hancock Forest Management (NZ) Ltd (2010)
Porterfield Trail, Whitford, Manukau City: Final Archaeological Investigation Report (2010)
Report on the Archaeological Monitoring of House Renovation Site under Authority No. 2010/266, N25/96 (midden) at 757 Abel Tasman Drive Lot 3 DP 6385 of Section, Pohara, Golden Bay (2010)
Final Report on Archaeological Investigations at the Arrowtown Emporium, Buckingham St, Arrowtown, under Authority 2008/331 (2010)
Final Report on an Historic Cottage, T22/26, at 10 Main St North, Ohingaiti, NZHPT Authority No 2008/29 (2010)
227 Armagh Street, Christchurch: Archaeological Monitoring (2010)
Totaratahi Estate Ltd, State Highway One, Totara, Otago (2010)
Archaeological Monitoring: Whangamata Effluent Irrigation Zone 5 Sprinklers and Rising Main Contract (2010)
Archaeology of Fencing and Nest Boxes at Pilots Beach, Pukekura (2010)
Archaeological Monitoring of Geotechnical Test Pits, Weston Cement Plant Site, North Otago (2010)
Archaeological Monitoring: Patuwai Road, Whakatane (2010)
Report on Burials/Koiwi from the Footpath at 238 The Esplanade, Kaikoura (2010)
Bannockburn Sluicings Historic Reserve - Footbridge Construction and Track Realignment: Assessment of Effects (2010)
Monitoring Report on Fergusson Park Clubhouse Extensions (2010)
Radcliffe House: 4 Chelmsford Rd, Ngaio: Archaeological Recording (2010)
Final Pre-Harvest and Post-Harvest Surveys through Compartment 85, Western Whangapoua Forest (2010)
Site O04/1022 Section 18 Investigation, Taipa, Far North (2010)
Historic Hutt Road Rail Bridge, 85 Hutt Road, Thorndon, Wellington: Archaeological Monitoring Report (2010)
Report on Archaeological Monitoring at Lot 1 DP 416367, Millennium Way Waipu (2010)
Report on Archaeological Authority No. 2010/416: W15/404, W15/617, W15/620, W15/903 & W15/911, Ohiwa Harbour Road, From Reeves Road Intersection North to the Holiday Park, Ohiwa (2010)
Timaru Courthouse: Archaeological Investigation Report (2010)
Removal of Historic Olive Tree, Cornwall Park: Archaeological Monitoring Report (2010)
Archaeological Site Check V15/487 [pa]: Omataroa Forest SA61201509E, Swaps Quarry, Maunder Road, Awakeri, Bay of Plenty - NZHPT Authority 2009/226 (2010)
Interim Report on Archaeological Investigations at Kahukura (G47/128), Southland (2010)
The Elms, Tauranga: Monitoring Report for the Installation of an External Sprinkler System (2010)
Archaeological Assessment of the Property of P.A. & R.K. Leonard, Mangatarata (2010)
Report of Monitoring of Installation of Beach Steps at Watering Cove and Akersten Bay, Astrolabe Roadstead, Abel Tasman National Park (2010)
Archaeological Investigation of The Royal George Hotel and Surrounds, Fitzgerald Avenue and St Asaph Street, Christchurch (2010)
Final Report on Archaeological Investigations at I44/121, St Clair, Dunedin (2010)
Archaeological Investigation: Dry Stone Wall in 'Wairepo Swamp Walk' (formally known as 'Link Lane'), Sandringham, Auckland (2010)
Monitoring Report for GeoNet GPS Site, Makorori Station, Gisborne (2010)
Pegasus Archaeology, The Ninth Six-Monthly Interim Report October 2009 to March 2010 (2010)
File Note: Pre-Construction - Compartment 109, Whangapoua Forest, Coromandel (2010)
Wellington Inner City Bypass Archaeological Investigations - Arthur Street, Cuba Street, Tonks Avenue: Volume III - Specialist Reports, Ceramics, Stoneware, Leather and Miscellaneous Items (2010)
Archaeological Monitoring of the Mary Barrett Glade Walking Track Remediation Earthworks: Ngataringa Road, Devonport (2010)
A Search for Archaeological Sites on an Area of Logging at the Junction of Mountain Camp Creek and the Wakamarina River (2010)