Final Report on Archaeological Deconstruction of the Former Sunnyside Hospital (M36/385) Administration Building Under HPA Authority 2007/169 (2008)
Otaihanga Landfill: Archaeological Monitoring Report (2008)
Archaeological Assessment: Selected Historic Reserves, Tauranga City (2008)
Report on Archaeological Monitoring Gartshore Property, Corner of Wharf and Cameron Road, Tauranga (2008)
Post-Harvest Walkover: Whangapoua Forest Compartments 55, 56, 79, 81, 105, 108 (2008)
Report on Preliminary Findings From Archaeological Testing at 24 Bridge Street, Hamilton (2008)
Historic Resources on the Barrosa Station Pastoral Lease (2008)
Report on Midden Sample Taken From St Albans Churchyard R27/135 (2008)
Site R10/80 Whangaparaoa Peninsula: Final Excavation Report (2008)
Bridge 130, Whareatea River, Westport: A Report on Archaeological Monitoring of its Demolition (2008)
Swanson Street Upgrade (Stage 1): Archaeological Monitoring (2008)
The Mount Cass Windfarm - An Archaeological Assessment (2008)
Post Harvest Inspection Archaeological Sites J32/75, 96, 101-105, Compartment 25, Waimea Forest (2008)
Preliminary Archaeological Excavation Report of Carlaw Park, Auckland City (2008)
Far North District Council Waterfront Reclamation, Mangonui (2008)
Report of Archaeological Investigations, Gisborne Police Station, Gladstone Road (2008)
Moureeses Bay (Stage 1), Whananaki North, Northland: Interim Archaeological Excavation Report (2008)
Report on Emergency Recovery of Koiwi at Kahukura (G47/128) (2008)
Post Harvest Assessment of Archaeological Sites in Taheke Forest (2008)
Company Bay Sea Walls: Otago Peninsula Road Improvements (2008)
NZ Historic Places Trust s18 Authority 2008/231: Manukau Harbour Crossing Project (2008)
Archaeological Monitoring of Earthworks at Lot 13, Porterfield Road, Whitford (2008)
Summerset Retirement Village, Katikati: Interim Report on Archaeological Investigations (2008)
Timeball Station, Lyttelton: An Archaeological Investigation (2008)
Archaeological Investigation of Site Q06/543, Tongatu Road, Ngunguru (2008)
North Pole Diggings: Report on Excavation at Hut Sites in Coal Creek, Archaeological Site F42/269 (2008)
The Archaeology of the Rakaia River Mouth Moa Hunter Site Precinct (2008)
Raoul Island Airstrip: Archaeological Monitoring (2008)
The Settlers Hotel Excavation (2008)
Thames Miners Hut, 106 Vanguard Street; T12/1310; New Zealand Historic Places Trust Authority No. 2008/159 (2008)
Archaeological Investigation of Perijuli Developments Ltd Property, Ngaruawahia (NZHPT Authority 2008/346) (2008)
Archaeological Assessment of Lot 2 DP 387833 at Mangamaunu, Kaikoura (2008)
Titoki Road, Raumati: Archaeological Monitoring Report (2008)
Report on Archaeological Investigations at Wairau Bar (P28/21) Carried Out Under s18 Authority 2009/85 (2008)
Archaeological Monitoring Report for R12/73 Pukekowhai Pa, Awhitu Peninsula, Authority No. 2008/228 (2008)
Nelson Courthouse: Archaeological Monitoring Report (2008)
Southland Coastal Heritage Inventory Project: Waiparau Head to Rowallan Burn (2008)
Colin Dale Park, Manukau City: Archaeological Survey and Assessment (2008)
Report on Archaeological Monitoring at Torquay Street Pensioner Units, Kaikoura, March 2008 (2008)
Ross Block, Hingaia: Final Report on Archaeological Investigation of Site R12/914 (Midden) (2008)
Archaeological Investigations of Midden Site (R11/2366): Shelly Bay Reserve, Beachlands, Manukau (2008)
Proposed Sutherland Residence at Estuary View Heights, Waipu Cove: Archaeological Monitoring and Excavation (2008)
Archaeological Investigation of Sites U14/3056, U14/3216 and U14/1941, Oropi Downs, Tauranga: Final Report (2008)
Archaeological Monitoring Report: Tasman Lakes Subdivision, Peka Peka, Kapiti Coast (2008)
Pre-harvest Archaeological Survey and Harvest Management Plans: Forest Compartments 55, 90, 92, 108, Whangapoua Forests (2008)
Post-Harvest Archaeological Survey: T14/121, Tauhu Block, North Waihou Forest Block (2008)
Historic Resources on Proposed Freehold Land at Castle Dent Station (2008)
Final Report on the Archaeological Excavation at 73 St Andrew Street Dunedin, Archaeological Authority No. 2008/214 (2008)
SH36 Mangorewa Gorge Improvements: Archaeological Assessment (2008)
Excavation of T11/974, Paku, Tairua (2008)
L37/4: An Investigation Take Under Authority 2003/97 (2008)
Oamaru Harbour Silo Demolition, Site J41/126: Report to NZHPT on Authority No. 2008/55 (2008)
Algies Bay Subdivision, Mahurangi, Rodney District: Archaeological Investigation of Site R09/152 (2008)
Report on Archaeological Authority 2003/209: Munitions Bend and Kaitoke Carpark, Rimutaka Rail Trail (2008)
Archaeological Monitoring of a Water Main Replacement at Beach Road, Maketu (2008)
Tuhirangi, Oneriri Road, Kaipara District, Proposed Subdivision: Archaeological Survey and Assessment of Effects (2008)
Report on the Installation of a Toilet at Kiwa Road (2008)
Ohaupo Motel Development: Archaeological Monitoring Report (2008)
Analysis and Description of Maori Storage Pits at Puwera, NZ (2008)
Archaeological Monitoring of Earthworks at Riverton Estate (2008)
Post Harvest Inspection Archaeological Sites J32/75, 110-113, Compartment 26, Waimea Forest (2008)
Report on Archaeological Inspection Compartments 13-17, Tuhoe Forest, Rangitaiki Valley (2008)
Archaeological Monitoring Report: Lupin Road, Otaki (2008)
Final Archaeology Report for Chalmers Avenue Drain, Ashburton (K37/19) (2008)
Archaeological Monitoring Report for Scandrett Regional Park Bach Wastewater Upgrade Project Authority No. 2007/252 (2008)
Authority 2009/33 -S18 Test Investigation: Cnr Clyde and Grey Streets (Lot 3 DP 316850), Hamilton East (2008)
Baynes Creek Culvert (I44/401), Company Bay Investigation, Authority 2008/265 (2008)
Maungarei (Mt Wellington Domain): Section 18 Investigation (2008)
Taupo District Court: Archaeological Monitoring (2008)
Report on Post Harvest Inspection Compartment 7, Tuhoe Forest, Waiohou (2008)
Puhinui Reserve, Manukau City: Archaeological Survey And Assessment (2008)
Archaeological Investigations at Athenree Homestead (2008)
Archaeological Assessment of Seddons Ridge, Kaikoura (2008)
Archaeological Testing on a Building Site at Tar White, Q27/151, Tory Channel (2008)
Pre-Harvest Archaeological Site Mitigation: T14/68, Chips Road, Waihou Forestry Block (2008)
Archaeological Assessment of Damage to the Warrington Archaic Site I44/177 (2008)
Report on the Archaeological Investigation under Authority No. 2007/315 of 6 Peninsula Road, Tata Beach, Golden Bay, Pursuant to Section 14, Historic Places Act 1993 (2008)
Assessment of Damage and Part Investigation of Site T11/221: Pits, Terraces and Midden, Compartment 81, Brier Block, Whangapoua Forest, Coromandel Peninsula (2008)
Pegasus Archaeology - The Fourth Six-Monthly Report, April 2007 to September 2007 (2008)
Puwera Landfill Site, Portland, Whangarei: Preliminary Report on Excavations For NZ Historic Places Trust Authority No. 2004/50 (2008)
Archaeological Investigation of an Industrial Pottery Kiln, Clark Street, New Lynn, Auckland (2008)
Cliff Road Apartments, Tauranga: Report on Archaeological Investigations of Archaeological Site U14/3107 (NZHPT Authority 2003/133) (2008)
Supplement to Archaeological Report on Investigations at Martha Hill, Waihi, 2007 (2008)
Port William Hut, Stewart Island: Report on Archaeological Monitoring of Hut Extension (2008)
Archaeological Survey and Assessment of the Proposed Footbridge and Paths; Underground Power Cabling; Road Turning Circles; Road Removal and Landscaping and Partial Completion of Heritage New Zealand Authority 2008/245, Kerikeri Basin, Kerikeri, Northland (2008)
Te Ana a Maru: Survey of Conditions and Perceptions (2008)
Monitoring of Stage 1 Earthworks (Section 14 Historic Places Authority 2007/47), Living Earth Ltd's Site, Puketutu Island (2008)
Archaeological Investigation of Site U13/1285, Seaforth Road, Waihi Beach (Authority 2007/360) (2008)
Report on Monitoring Earthworks at Seddons Ridge, Kaikoura (2008)
Hampton Park, East Tamaki: Archaeological Assessment (2008)
SH2 Safety Retrofitting - Waitangi, WBOP: Archaeological Monitoring Report (2008)
Pt Sec 7, Block VI, Mawharaiti Survey District: An Archaeological Assessment for Crown Land Disposal (2008)
Archaeological Monitoring of Exotic Tree Removal, Oyster Island Waimea Inlet (2008)
Monitoring Report: Rakaia Huts Retaining Wall Construction (2008)
Dunedin Chinese Gardens: Artefact Assemblage Report (2008)
Archaeological Investigation of Sites Q07/668 and Q07/670, Allotment 33 Owhiwa Parish, Tamaterau, Whangarei: Final Report (2008)
Report on Archaeological Investigations at Takamore, Kapiti Coast, Carried Out Under s18 Authority 2007/62 (2008)
Archaeological Monitoring of 60 & 62 Wharf Road, Riwaka (2008)
Alfriston Site, 1444 Alfriston Rd, Papakura, Auckland: Archaeological Monitoring (Authority No. 2008/76) (2008)
Interim Report on Archaeological Investigations at Omaio (X15/46), Eastern Bay of Plenty (2008)
Archaeological Monitoring Report: Whakamarama Road Widening, Western Bay of Plenty (2008)
Excavations at 152-160 Hobson St (R11/2361), Auckland. Final Report in Fulfilment of NZHPT Authority Nos. 2006/262 and 2007/17 (2008)
One Tree Point, Whangarei Harbour: Final Report on Stage 1 Investigations (2008)
Report on Archaeological S18 Investigation of P19/321 under HPT Authority 2008/308, Egmont Road, Bell Block, Taranaki (2008)
Monitoring of the Excavation and Installation of a Stormwater Diversion along Cornwall Place, Tata Beach, Golden Bay under Authority 2009/03 Pursuant to Section 14, Historic Places Act 1993 (2008)
Martins Bay Reticulation (2008)
Wairere Drive, Hamilton - Archaeological Monitoring (2008)
Ohope Water Fire Flow Upgrades: Archaeological Assessment (2008)
Monitoring Report: Fergusson Park Carpark Alterations, NZAA Site U14/3305 (2008)
Archaeological Monitoring of Waiomu Flood Protection Works - Thames Coast Project: Report 14 (2008)
Tuapiro Point Reserve Development: Report on Archaeological Monitoring and Investigation (2008)
86 Newington Ave, Dunedin: Photographic Record (2008)
Hampton Park, East Tamaki: Archaeological Assessment (2008)
Report on Monitoring Earthworks at 24 Lake Terrace Road, Birdlings Flat (2008)
244 Thames Street and 26 Exe Street: Building Archaeology Report (2008)
Archaeological Assessment of a Proposed Sudivision at Mangamaunu, Kaikoura (2008)
St James Theatre: Archaeological Monitoring Report (2008)
Historic Resources on the Blairich Station Pastoral Lease (2008)
Geophysical Survey No. 2 of Mission House Grounds, Kerikeri (2008)
Lake Road Reconstruction: Archaeological Report (2008)
Archaeological Investigations, U14/1465, Florence Lane, Te Puna, Tauranga (2008)
Final Archaeological Report for NZHPT Authority 2006/72: Shakespear Regional Park (2008)
Monitoring of Papatotara Coast Road Formation, Te Waewae Bay: Report to New Zealand Historic Places Trust on Authority No. 2009/106 (2008)
80 Queen St and 7 Fort St, Auckland: Final Archaeological Monitoring Report (2008)
Archaeological Survey and Assessment of the Proposed Bridge Removal and Partial Completion of Heritage New Zealand Authority 2008/245, Kerikeri Basin, Kerikeri, Northland (2008)
Gisborne Police Station: Archaeological Building Recording: Petties' Ltd Building (2008)
Pre-Harvest Archaeological Survey: T14/65 & T14/66, Fish Road, South Waihou Forest Block (2008)
Study of the Archaeology of Pre-European Settlement at Puwera, Whangarei (2008)
23 Derwent Street, Naseby, Site H41/166: Report to New Zealand Historic Places Trust on Authority No. 2008/314 (2008)
More Than a Wall: Investigations of Drystone Wall R11/2110 and Midden R11/2405, Greenmount Reserve (2008)
Compliance Report for Q07/376: NZHPT Authority No. 2006/119 (2008)
Interim Report on Archaeological Investigation at the Arrowtown Emporium, Buckingham St, Arrowtown (2008)
Report on Archaeological Investigations at Lot 20, Poranui Beach Road, Birdlings Flat (2008)
Warner's Hotel: An Archaeological Investigation (2008)
Archaeological Monitoring of Maintenance Works at Bridge #66, North Piha Road, Piha (2008)
Archaeological Monitoring of 60 & 62 Wharf Road, Riwaka: Stage 2 (2008)
Investigations at McGregor's Bay, Whangarei Heads (2008)
Section 32, Omau Block 1, Lighthouse Road, Cape Foulwind: An Archaeological Assessment (2008)
Future Private Roading, Lot 1 DP 178587, Thompsons Point, Waiheke Island (2008)
Archaeological Monitoring Report, Faiths Farm: Te Horo, Kapiti Coast (2008)
Archaeological Monitoring of a Services Trench at Opua, Bay of Islands (2008)
Feldwick's House: Final Report on the Archaeological Excavation at 326 Dee Street and 54 Avenal Street Invercargill, Archaeological Authority No. 2008/290 (2008)
Archaeological Assessment of Lot 4, DP 8337, Ocean Bay, Port Underwood (2008)
Archaeological Monitoring of Excavations at Featherstone Park, S14/189, Te Totora Papakainga, Sylvester Road, Hamilton (2008)
Archaeological Survey and Assessment of the Proposed Fladgate Renovations; Extensions and Landscaping, 1 The Strand, Russell, Bay of Islands (2008)
Newhaven Syndicate Property, Marahau: Results of Archaeological Testing (2008)
Final Report to NZ Historic Places Trust: Lot 2 DP 310998, 506 Takahiwai Rd, Takahiwai (2008)
Report on Archaeological Monitoring of a Soak Hole Excavation at Dolphin Encounter, July 2008 (2008)
Archaeological Investigation of the Kaitemako Substation Site, Welcome Bay, Tauranga: Final Report (2008)
Archaeological Monitoring Report: Mazengarb Road, Paraparaumu (2008)
Archaeological Monitoring of Stormwater Upgrades, Waihi Beach, 2008 (2008)
Archaeological Assessment of 24 Hillview Road, Birdlings Flat, Canterbury (2008)
168 Taranaki Street, Archaeological Investigation, NZHPT Authority 2008/183 (2008)
Waikouaiti Town Hall: Building Archaeology Report (2008)
Excavation of T12/372, 373 and 1236, Totara Palms, Thames (2008)
Auckland Domain Lower Playing Fields Drainage (2008)
Site Q07/1091 Area F: House Site Report (2008)
Report on Archaeological Monitoring at 4 Bryce Street, Hamilton: S14/39, Kirikiriroa Pa (2008)
Monitoring of Work Associated with the Widening of State Highway 1 at the Site of the Wairau Affray, P28/69, Tuamarina (2008)
Ngati Toa Domain, Porirua: Archaeological Monitoring of Foreshore Enhancement Work (2008)
Post Harvest Inspection Archaeological Sites W16/164, 165, 277, 400, 401 & 402, Sisams Forest (2008)
654-658 Colombo Street, Christchurch: An Archaeological Investigation (2008)
Pegasus Archaeology - The Fifth Six-Monthly Interim Report September 2007 to March 2008 (2008)
Archaeological Monitoring at St Michael's Church and Ohaewai Gunfighter Pa, Ngawha (2008)
Excavation of T10/236, 1069, 1070 and 1071 at The Glades, Matapaua (2008)
Waiau Toa (Clarence River) Mouth: Archaeological Assessment of the North Bank (2008)
Lot 3 DP 316850, Corner of Grey and Clyde Streets, Hamilton East: Archaeological Assessment (2008)
Final Report: Monitoring of Lakes Pauri and Wiritoa Coastal Dune Lake Restoration Scheme, Wanganui (2008)
A Chaff Storage Platform, Mt. Cardrona Station: Report to NZHPT re Site F41/563, Authority No. 2007/306 (2008)
Somerset Hotel, Ashburton: Archaeological Monitoring Results (2008)
Report on Archaeological Authority 2003/114: 43-45 Rolleston St, Mt Cook, Wellington (2008)
Rivergarden East Subdivision, Temure Place, Ruakaka: Report of Archaeological Investigation Under NZHPT Authority 2005/61 (2008)
Report on Monitoring a "Scrape" at 12 Clifton Street, Birdlings Flat (2008)
Matai Bay 30/10/08 Authority No. 2009/28 (2008)
Archaeological Monitoring Report: Proposed Planting Area, Esk Valley (2008)
Report on Monitoring the Installation of Bollards at South Bay Reserve, Kaikoura (2008)
Canterbury Street Reservoir, Lyttelton (2008)
Archaeological Investigation of Sites T12/172 and T12/173, Pt Whakatete No 3 Block, Ngarimu Heights, Thames Coast (2008)
Archaeological Excavation Report on the Street Homestead, Penrod Drive, Bell Block, Taranaki (2008)
Structures From the Mid-Nineteenth Century Shoreline of Dunedin (2008)
Post-Harvest Archaeological Survey and Assessment: Forest Compartments 64, 66, 89, 90, 105, Whangapoua (2008)
Report on Archaeological Data Recovery at 76 Queen Street, Cambridge (2008)
Archaeological Investigation of Site U14/3221, 350 Wairoa Road, Te Puna: Final Report (2008)
Archaeological Investigations of Sites T10/751, T10/752 and T10/753, Whangapoua, Coromandel Peninsula (2008)
Archaeological Test Investigation: S15/382 Rubbish Pits and S15/383 Gravel Deposits/Stockade Reserve, Whare Ore Estate, Leamington (2008)
R.O. Clark's Pottery (1864 -1931), Limeburners Bay, Hobsonville: Archaeological Investigation (2008)
An Archaeological Assessment of White's Bay Recreation Reserve, Marlborough (2008)
Archaeological Monitoring of Stormwater Upgrades at Bowentown (Pio and Tatai Roads), Waihi Beach 2007-08 (2008)
Lot 4, DP 1443, Nolan Road, Okuru, South Westland: An Archaeological Assessment for Crown Land Disposal (2008)
Archaeological Monitoring Report: Authority 2009/24 - 56 Pacific Drive, Rakaia Huts (2008)
Excavations at Te Hoe, Mahia Peninsula (2008)
Archaeological Assessment of Proposed Track Realignment: Fort Buckley, Kaiwharawhara, Wellington (2008)
Final Report on Archaeological Monitoring at Lot 4, 183 Rapanui Road, Westmere, Wanganui (2008)
Report on Archaeological Inspection of Proposed Subdivision, Part Lot DP 204082, Lot 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6 DP 187649, McKinney Road, Warkworth (2008)
EPJV Gas Pipeline Project: Archaeological Monitoring of the Faull Rd to Ngatimaru Rd Pipeline, Tikorangi, North Taranaki (2008)
Blue Lake Recreation Reserve Loop Track Upgrade: Report Fulfilling NZHPT Archaeological Authority No. 2007/204 (2008)
Historic Resources on Kaiwarua, Mt Cecil and Mt Studholme Stations Pastoral Leases (2008)
Archaeological Assessment of Tregoweth Lane, Huntly (2008)
Archaeological Report for Authority 2008/260 Prt. NZAA Record Complex Including M25/151, 153 and 7, on McHardy Property, Collingwoood-Puponga Main Road, Golden Bay (2008)
Archaeological Investigation at Maungaroa/Windy Point, New Plymouth (2008)
Obsidian Sourcing Report (2008)
Proposed Subdivision of Lots 5 & 6 DP 345713, Ormandy Road, Mangapai, Whangarei District: Archaeological Survey and Assessment of Effects (2008)
Pre-Harvest Assessment: T12/1314 No Hope Road - Hikuai Block Tairua Forest; and T12/1207, Mangarehu Stream Valley - Kauaeranga Forest (2008)
Waipapa Point Archaeological Assessment (2008)
Archaeological Monitoring of a Storm Water Upgrade, Moana Drive, Tanners Point (Authority 2008/72) (2008)
Post Harvest Assessment: Pahauwera Road Pa - Mohaka Forest (2008)
The 1870 Railway Formation: The Shared Cycle and Pedestrian Path from Adderley Terrace to De Lacy Street [Dunedin] (2008)
Archaelogical Report: NZAA Site X19/325, 9 YMCA Rd, Opoutama (2008)