Report on Archaeological Inspection, Proposed Pumice Pit, Rutz Property, 1291 Rotoehu Road, Pongakaw Valley (2000)
Monitoring of Terrace & Midden Site T11/857, Te Mata, Thames Coast (2000)
Report on Archaeological Investigation Site U15/642, F. Larsen Property, 1 Maungarangi Rd, Paengaroa (2000)
Auckland Healthcare: Archaeological Assessment, Acute Services Buildings Project (2000)
Archaeological Survey of Part Compartment 21/3, Evergreen Rototuna Forest, Rototuna (2000)
Omaha Beach Ltd: Summary of Archaeology Investigations (2000)
Harbour View Estate, Te Atatu Peninsula: Section 18 Investigation of Archaeological Site R11/460 (2000)
Archaeological Survey and Assessment of Effects - Carmichael Property, Bethlehem (2000)
Archaeological Survey and Assessment of a Proposed Cell Site, Tauranga Bay, Northland (2000)
A Cow Farm and a Goldfield's Road: An Archaeological and Historic Assessment of the Kedzlie (Penno) Block, Halfway Bush (2000)
Archaeological Survey and Heritage Assessment: Rohe of Ngati Hangarau, North Bethlehem (2000)
University of Auckland Proposed Redevelopments: Archaeological Assessment (2000)
Highbrook Business Park, Waiouru Peninsula, East Tamaki: Preliminary Archaeological Investigation of Sites R11/893, 944, 945 and 947 (2000)
Archaeological Assessment: Mr John Berghan, Church Road, Kaitaia (2000)
Interim Report, Waipoua Forest (2000)
Archaeological Surveys in Waipoua Forest: Compartments 8, 28, 63 & 67: A Report to Te Roroa (2000)
Archaeological Investigation of Site U13/1110, Athenree, Western Bay of Plenty (2000)
Greenlane Hospital Redevelopment: Archaeological Assessment (2000)
Counties Power - Bombay to Tuakau 110kV Transmission Upgrade (2000)
Archaeological Survey and Assesment of a Proposed Quarry Extension, Lake Road, Te Arai (2000)
Miropiko Reserve: Draft Management Plan (2000)
Conservation Plan for Carder's Heavy Clay Pottery Works at Limeburners Bay (2000)
Archaeological Assessment: Richmond Meat Plant, Paeroa (2000)
Excavation of Midden Site T12/985, Te Totara, Thames (2000)
Rail Tunnel, Quay Park: Archaeological Monitoring (2000)
Re-alignment of State Highway 20, Southern Motorway to Puhinui Road, Manukau City: Archaeological Assessment (2000)
Archaeological Assessment: Den Ouden & Cooper Associates - Waipapakauri Alignment (2000)
Waihara Safety Improvements, SH1 PN 1890, Northland: Archaeological Survey (2000)
Analysis of Faunal Material from an Archaeological Site at Raumati Beach near Wellington (2000)
Rangiaowhia Catholic Cemetery (S15/384): Report on Archaeological work (2000)
Katiki Beach SH 1 Realignment: Report of Excavation of Archaeological Sites During Road Realignment at Katiki Beach North Otago (2000)
Report on Archaeological Investigation at Grandview Estate Subdivision, Waikite Road, Welcome Bay, Tauranga (2000)
Maritime Square, Fanshawe Street, Auckland: Archaeological Monitoring Stage 2 (2000)
18-23 Tamaki Drive, Orakei, Auckland: Preliminary Archaeological Inspection (2000)
Report on Archaeological Monitoring, Part Site S14/121, Mortimer Property, Hakarimata Road, Ngaruawahia (2000)
East of the Taieri River: The Archaeology of the Macraes Ecological District (2000)
Archaeological Survey: Fulton Hogan Ltd, Poplar Lane Quarry, Papamoa (2000)
Proposed Primary School Site, Leigh Road, Silverdale: Archaeological Assessment (2000)
Archaeological Survey and Site Assessment of a Proposed House Site, Salt Property, Hihi, Doubtless Bay (2000)
Supplementary Archaeological Report: Assessment of the Proposed Sewerage Pipeline Route, Paeroa (2000)
Re: Archaeological Survey for K. Baxter, Subdivision of Wiroa A3, Waimate Road, FNDC RC 2000323 (2000)
Papamoa Lowlands Archaeological Survey and Heritage Assessment (2000)
Gold Workings on the Poolburn, Bonspiel: Archaeological Survey (2000)
Archaeological Survey and Assessment of the Proposed Logging of Compartment 55/1, Evergreen Rototuna Forest (2000)
Rail Link Between the North Island Main Trunk and Manukau City Centre: Archaeological Assessment (2000)
Report on the Archaeological Monitoring of Fire Protection Works, St John the Baptist Church, Waimate North (2000)
Archaeological Survey: Ferguson Property, Tongatu Road, Ngunguru, Whangarei (2000)
467 Matakana Road, Warkworth: Archaeological Assessment (2000)
Mapping Some Archaeological Features of the Opepe Bush Scenic and Historic Reserve (2000)
Project Waikato Intake Structure Tuakau: Report on Monitoring and Excavation, 14th-15th November 2000 (2000)
Historic Foundations Along the River Edge at Alexandra (2000)
Prehistoric Places Upgrade and Assessment Project: A Selection of Sites in West Auckland (2000)
Site R08/122, Molesworth Drive, Mangawhai: Archaeological Monitoring Report (2000)
Proposed Car Park Building, Durham Street West, Auckland, 76-84 Albert Street (Allotments 5 and 6, City Section 16): Initial Archaeological Site Testing (2000)
Report on Archaeological Inspection of Proposed Kiwifruit Orchard, Maketu Estates Property, Old Coach Road-Rotoehu Road, Pongakawa Valley (2000)
An Archaeological Survey of Waitaramoa Reserve, Hobson Bay, Auckland (2000)
Significant Archaeological Sites in the Rodney District: Volume 1 (2000)
Report on the Archaeological Monitoring of the Construction of the Realignment of State Highway 10, California Hill (2000)
SH25 Realignment of Kuaotunu Hill: Archaeological Assessment (2000)
Manukau Parks, Hillsborough, Auckland City: Preliminary Archaeological Assessment (2000)
Report on Investigation of Terrace Site U14/2027, Estates Terrace, Welcome Bay (2000)
Archaeological Survey and Assessment of the Proposed Logging of Compartment 53/1, Evergreen Rototuna Forest, Rototuna (2000)
Eric Armishaw Coastal Walkway: Archaeological Assessment (2000)
Archaeological Assesment for Mandarin Orchard, N6/487 Field Systems, Whalers Road, Houhora (2000)
Waihi Gold Mining Drilling Extension, Waihi (2000)
SH20 Extension Hillsborough to Richardson Rd: Archaeological Assessment (2000)
Realignment of State Highway 2: Te Marua to Kaitoke: Archaeological Assessment (2000)
Archaeological Survey and Assessment of Effects - Te Ihu-o-te-Koura Pa (U16/73) Paradise Valley, Rotorua (2000)
Bishop's Court, 6-10 St. Stephens Ave, Parnell: Archaeological Investigation of the Site for the Bishop's Spa Pool (2000)
Archaeological Monitoring at the Dannemora Subdivision, East Tamaki Heights (2000)
Archaeological Assessment: Mr Ross Wagener, Kaitaia - Proposed Houhora Subdivision (2000)
Report on Archaeological Inspection, Cobb Property, 671 Minden Road, Te Puna (2000)
An Archaeological Assessment of the Excavation for an Underground Water Tank at Trafalgar Square, Wanganui (2000)
Archaeological Survey and Assessment Report: Palmers, Aotea Ltd, Palmer's Beach, Aotea/Great Barrier Island (2000)
Report on Archaeological Inspection, Lots 4 & 5 DPS 3113, State Highway 2, Hauone, Matata Strait, Otamarakau (2000)
Report on Archaeological Inspection of Proposed New Sewer Line, Parton Road-Golden Sands, Papamoa (2000)
Report on Post Harvest Inspection of Mosquito Creek Pack Track and Associated Mining Remains, Compartment 13, Nemona Forest (2000)
Graveyard Point, Awaawaroa Bay, Waiheke Island: Section 18 Investigation of Archaeological Site S11/213 (2000)
An Archaeological Survey of Triangle Flat, Puponga Farm Park (2000)
Archaeological Excavations at Big River Quartz Mine, Victoria Forest Park, West Coast, New Zealand (2000)
Buchanan's Tramway, Longwood Forest: Archaeological Survey (2000)
Aotea Fieldwork Summary: November/December 1999 CONFIDENTIAL (2000)
Archaeological Survey and Assessment Report for Resource Consent Application: Bateman Block Ltd, Russell, Bay of Islands (2000)
The Proposed Waimate North Subdivision, Corner Te Ahuahu and Showgrounds Roads: Initial Archaeological Assessment (2000)
Archaeological Monitoring of the Logging of Sites Q10/785 and Q10/786, Stand 2, Compartment 180, Woodhill Forest, South Kaipara Head (2000)
Archaeological Survey and Assessment of the Proposed Logging of Compartment 52/1, Evergreen Rototuna Forest, Rototuna (2000)
Hopper Developments Ltd: Results of an Archaeological Excavation at Site R10/782, Maygrove, Orewa (2000)
Stage 6 Midlands Subdivision, Paraparaumu, Kapiti Coast: Archaeological Investigation (2000)
Report on the Erection of a New Fence at Raincliff Rock Art Shelter J38/56 (2000)
Douglas Family Trust Property, Matua Road, Huapai: Preliminary Archaeological Assessment (2000)
Archaeological Survey and Assessment of Effects - Heinz-Wattie Site, Gisborne (2000)
Central City Riverside Archaeological And Cultural Assessment (2000)
Domesticity in Nineteenth Century Queenstown (2000)
Report on Post Harvest Inspection Archaeological Sites V15/1226, 1227, 1228, 1229, 1231, 1232, 1233, Hereperu Forest (2000)
Purakau Catholic Mission Site, Hokianga: Initial Archaeological Assessment (2000)
Report on the Archaeological Monitoring of Earthworks Involved in the Fire Upgrade, Holy Trinity Church, Pakaraka (2000)
Taharoa C Block Ironsand Mining: Preliminary Archaeological Appraisal (2000)
Ross Creek Forest, Dunedin: Archaeological Survey (2000)
Archaeological and Historical Sites of Quail Island and King Billy Island, Lyttelton Harbour, Canterbury (2000)
Archaeological Survey and Assessment of Effects - Lot 21 DPS 88164, Cambridge Road, Tauriko (2000)
Excavation at Site R11/1930, Pukaki Creek, Mangere (2000)
Auckland Healthcare: Archaeological Assessment, Conolly Project (2000)
Rongomai Reserve, Flat Bush, Manukau City: Archaeological Survey (2000)
Archaeological Investigation: Part Q07/717, Northland Regional Council, Mt Tiger Forest (2000)
Archaeological Survey and Assessment Report for Resource Consent Application for a Proposed Service Station for Kauriland Petroleum Limited, Riverside Drive, Whangarei (2000)
Monitoring of Earthworks for Reconstruction of a Sea Wall at Archaeological Site NZAA R11/1948 (Devonport Yacht Club, King Edward Pde, Devonport) (2000)
Archaeological Assessment: Paewhenua Island (2000)
Archaeological Investigation of T12/984 (Part of Kopu Pa Complex), During Upgrading of State Highway 25, Kopu (2000)
Archaeological Inspection of Ohawini Rd, Lot 16, DP 152507, RD4, Hikurangi. (2000)
The Auckland Brick & Tile Co. Site, Whau Creek, Te Atatu, Auckland (R11/1724): Section 18 Investigation (2000)
Mangere Puhinui Heritage Zone: An Archaeological Survey (2000)
Eichardt's Hotel, Queenstown: Preliminary Archaeological Report (2000)
Round Hill Goldfield, Southland: Archaeological Survey of Main Reservoir System (2000)
A Cultural Heritage Investigation for the Hingaia Structure Plan, Papakura (2000)
Archaeological Investigation of a Prehistoric Garden (S14/203), Horotiu, Waikato, at the Te Rapa Dairy Factory 1997-1999 (2000)
Archaeological Assessment: Mr P H Pitchford, Kaitaia (2000)
The Polynesian Archaeology of the Subantarctic Islands: An Initial Report on Enderby Island (2000)
The Windsor Castle Hotel, Parnell, Auckland - Alterations and Modifications: Archaeological Testing and Monitoring (2000)
Archaeological Survey and Assesment of Proposed Logging of Compartment 54/2, Evergreen Rototuna Forest (2000)
Archaeological Assessment: Mr G Hull, Mangawhai Heights Trading Trust, Waipu Cove Road, Mangawhai (2000)
Archaeological Survey and Assessment of the Subdivision of the Sanders Property, Te Haumi, Bay of Islands (2000)
Brunner Coke Ovens: Conservation Plan (2000)
Archaeological Monitoring of Earthworks T10/733, Whangapoua (2000)
Oruamatua Pah: Assessment of Archaeological Values (2000)
Archaeological Assessment of Athenree Landfill, Steele Road, Athenree (2000)
City Forests Limited/McCrostie Joint Venture: Preliminary Archaeological Survey (Including the Taratu Coal Mines) (2000)
Archaeological Assessment: Te Kuihi Block, Cable Bay, Mangonui Harbour. (2000)
Brunner Bridge Conservation Plan (2000)
Alexandra Flood Protection Scheme: Archaeological Assessment (2000)
Lot 135 Ferry Road, Arkles Bay, Whangaparaoa Peninsula: Archaeological Survey (2000)
Archaeological Investigation of Prehistoric Garden Complexes Affected by R1 and N1 Arterial Routes, Chartwell, Hamilton (2000)
Pringles and Pongs Creek Subdivision, Cardrona Valley (2000)
Archaeological Assessment of Proposed Road Widening at Pyes Pa & Domain Road, Tauranga (2000)
Archaeological Assessment of Sections 137 and 140, City of Wanganui, the Site of the Reverend Richard Taylor's House (2000)
47 The Strand, Russell (The Phillips' House): Archaeological Investigation (2000)
Huapai Substation, 108 Matua Road Huapai: An Archaeological Assessment (2000)
Archaeological Monitoring of Earthworks at Matarangi Beach (2000)
Assessment of the Cultural Significance of European Farming Structures, Mutukaroa Regional Park (Hamlin's Hill), Auckland (2000)
Archaeological Survey and Assessment of Effects - Rural Residential Subdivision Lot 1 DP9485, Lot 1 DP9255 and Lot 2 DP9348, Paerata Ridge, Opotiki (2000)
A Cultural Heritage Investigation For The Takanini Structure Plan, Papakura District Council (2000)
Archaeological Survey and Assessment of a Proposed House Site, Day Property, Waikino Rd, Waikare Inlet, Bay of Islands (2000)
Morison Property, Snell's Beach, Mahurangi Peninsula: Preliminary Archaeological Report (2000)
Stoke Bypass: Archaeological Monitoring Project (2000)
Archaeological Survey of Tikitiki & Pukerimu, Kangaroo and Pokai Roads (2000)
Chapel Branch and Chapel South Branch Sewers, East Tamaki, Manukau City: Archaeological Assessment (2000)
Archaeological Assessment: Ohawini Bay Developments Ltd, Ohawini Bay, Whangarei (2000)
Te Hapua (The Gutter), Mason Bay, Rakiura: Archaeological Salvage Excavation - An Initial Report (2000?)