Power in the Upper Nevis: Historic Sites on Glen Nevis (1996)
An Archaeological Inspection of Three Quarry Localities, Northland (1996)
Archaeological Survey of the 1996 Planting Area, Adamson Property, Paranui, Doubtless Bay (1996)
Southeastern Arterial: Archaeological Monitoring (1996)
State Highway 8, Gorge Creek Realignment: Archaeological Assessment (1996)
Exploratory Archaeological Investigation of Undefended Site (T12/999), Moana Park Subdivision, Whangamata (1996)
Monitoring of Work Associated with a New Watermain in Lower Richardson St, Nelson City, and Archaeological Analysis of Samples Thought to be Derived from Occupation of the Village Te Punawai, O27/70 (1996)
Excavations at R11/1394 (Hawkins Hill), Tamaki, South Auckland (1996)
Riverhead Flour and Paper Mill Site, R10/721: Archaeological Assessment (1996)
Awaawaroa Road, Waiheke Island: Archaeological Assessment of Proposed Subdivision (1996)
Archaeological Survey of Parts of Mangawhai Forest: F97 and F98 Harvest Areas (1996)
An Archaeological Survey of the Papamoa Coastal Zone, Tauranga District (1996)
A Report on the Archaeological Survey of the Proposed McCallum Subdivision at Hukatere, Kaipara Harbour (1996)
Kerikeri Heritage Bypass: Archaeological Survey of Proposed Route (1996)
Te Hiku o te Waeroa, South Bay, Kaikoura, March 1996: A Report on the Archaeological Monitoring of Excavations for Seawall Construction at Te Hiku o te Waeroa, Kaikoura, in March 1996 (1996)
Freyberg Place Upgrade: Archaeological Investigations (1996)
Ngati Pahauwera Rohe: Archaeological Survey, 1996 (1996)
Archaeological Investigations on Clifford Bay Holdings Land at Lake Grassmere [draft] (1996)
Archaeological Survey of Te Kohatu Block Area, Western Taupo (1996)
Murphy's Flat: The History of the Murphy's Flat Diggings, Macraes (1996)
Discovery of Maori Canoe Remains on Stewart Island, New Zealand, 1996 (1996)
Hooker's Sea Lion: Historical Distribution and Abundance - Effects of Sealing (1996)
An Archaeological Impact Assessment of Stage 2 of the Russell Sewerage Reticulation Scheme, Bay of Islands (1996)
Survey of Archaeological Sites in Lot 7, Taiwawe Bay, Northland (1996)
The Strand Wooden Seawall: Report for Tauranga District Council on Archaeological Monitoring of Stormwater Cesspit Excavation (1996)
Highwic Garden: Preliminary Archaeological Survey (1996)
Archaeological Survey of the Proposed Hobson Bay Walkway (1996)
Archaeological Assessment of a Proposed Residential Site, Takou Bay, Northland (1996)
Te Whau Pa (R11/102), Blockhouse Bay, Landslip and Signage: Archaeological Assessment (1996)
Stormwater Drainage Works, One Tree Hill Domain: Report on Archaeological Monitoring (1996)
Glossary of Mining Archaeology, Macraes Mining Company (1996)
Report on Archaeological Inspection in Compartments 347/5, 347/7, 342/4 & 341/1, Matahina Forest, Matahina (1996)
The Royal Hotel, Gladstone Road, Gisborne (1996)
Archaeological Assessment of the Otago Central Rail Trail: The Line Today (1996)
Archaeological Investigation of Woodhill Forest: Survey and Assessment of Sites in Compartments 12, 19 & 20 (1996)
The State and Condition of Archaeological Sites in the Auckland Region (1996)
Archaeological Survey of Mt Pohaturoa (1996)
Archaeological Survey: Kopu Bridge Eastern Approach Realignment (1996)
An Archaeological Site Survey of Port Craig, Waitutu State Forest (1996)
An Archaeological Survey of a Proposed Forestry Block, Diggers Valley, Northland (1996)
The Thin End of the 'Wedge': Archaeological Excavations Under the Town Hall, Auckland (1996)
A Report on the Archaeological Monitoring of Sites R9/633, 640, 641 and R9/730 during Logging of the Spencer Forest, South Cove, Kawau Island (1996)
Archaeological Survey of Umupuia Regional Park (1996)
Report on Archaeological Inspection in Compartments 441/1A & 1B, 442/1A & 1B, 443/1A &1B, 444/1A & 1B Taylors Block, Taneatua Forest, Taneatua (1996)
Lunn Avenue Stonefield Remnant: Archaeological Assessment (1996)
Proposed Buddhist Temple, Jeffs and Stancombe Roads: Archaeological Assessment (1996)
A Report on the Archaeological Monitoring of the Drainage Separation, Driveway Re-Paving and Installation of an Automatic Irrigation System in the Grounds of Old Government House (R11/1461), Auckland (1996)
Archaeological and Cultural Impact Assessment of Proposed Tailrace Lowering at Atiamuri Hydro Power Station (1996)
Excavation at Anatere Pa, U13/46 (N53/79), Athenree, Bay of Plenty (1996)
Archaeological Survey of the North Pine Partnership Proposed Quarry, Whangae, Opua-Kawakawa Rd, Bay of Islands (1996)
Proposed Access Road, Puhinui Reserve, (Thurlow's Farm): Archaeological Assessment (1996)
Archaeological Site Inspection Report and Recommendations for Impact Avoidance: Te Papa Forest (1996)
Cultural Heritage Inventory: A Base Inventory for Waitakere City (1996)
An Archaeological Site Survey of Beer's Farm, Upper Waiau River (1996)
Archaeological Field Inspection Report and Recommendations for Future Management, Incorporating a Report of Damage to Archaeological Sites: Proposed Subdivision of Pt Allotment 136, Waiotahi Parish, Fleming Property, Ruatuna Road, Ohiwa (1996)
Te Waipunahau: Archaeological Survey (1996)
An Archaeological Inspection of the Te Wahapu Lodge Driveway Route, Bay of Islands (1996)
R Savory Ltd, Accent Drive Subdivision: Archaeological Assessment (1996)
Mt Difficulty Revisited: An Archaeological Assessment (1996)
The Auckland Gas Co. Gasometer Site in Freeman's Bay: Archaeological Assessment of Features Discovered During Construction Work (1996)
Independent Comparitive Archaeological Study of Stonefields in the North Island, New Zealand (1996)
Archaeological Test Pits in Lots 16 and 17: Te Mata Forestry Limited's Subdivision at Te Mata, Thames Coast (1996)
Report on the Proposed Subdivision at Davis Strongman Place, Kerikeri (1996)
Rawene Peninsula, South Hokianga: Archaeological Site Survey (1996)
Proposed Earthworks, ATCO Controls Ltd, 1000 Great South Road, Auckland: Archaeological Assessment (1996)
An Archaeological Survey of a Residential Subdivision, Pahi Peninsula, North Kaipara (1996)
Subdivision Proposal - Orapiu Road, Te Matuku Bay, Waiheke: Archaeological Assessment (1996)
Conservation Plan for Wairau Bar Moa-Hunter Site (1996)
Archaeological Field Survey: R.H. & M.K. Craill Property, Tiniroto Road, Gisborne (1996)
Archaeological Survey of the Peria Trust Forest, Peria, Oruru Valley, Doubtless Bay (1996)
Paradise Shores Resort Ltd., Proposed Subdivision at Ruakaka: Initial Archaeological Survey (1996)
Archaeological Inspection of the Bogart Property, Waipu Cove (1996)
Additional Lighting at Mission Bay: Archaeological Monitoring Report (1996)
Archaeological Assessment of the Telecom NZ Ltd Waipu Cell Phone Mast Site, Ahuroa Rd, Waipu (1996)
Willowbank Cottage, 459 East Tamaki Road: Archaeological Excavation of Foundations for Proposed Addition - Final Report (1996)
Waimahia Block, Weymouth: Archaeological Assessment (1996)
Shepherd's Creek, Dovedale Creek, Maori Creek (MP 41 155): Archaeological Assessment (1996)
Archaeological Site Monitoring During the Laying of Telecom New Zealand's Fibre-Optic Cable in Port Underwood, Marlborough Sounds (1996)
Archaeological Survey of the Proposed Tepene Tablelands Golf Course, Waiaua Bay Farm Ltd, Whangaroa (1996)
The University of Otago, 1996 Field School Excavations at Kakanui, North Otago (1996)
Archaeological Survey of the 1995 Planting Areas, Firebreak and Jimmy's Paddocks, Evergreen Pouto Forest, Rototuna, North Kaipara Head (1996)
Auckland Domain - Proposed Sensory Garden: Archaeological Assessment (1996)
Archaeological Survey of the 1996 Planting Areas, Evergreen Pouto Forest, Rototuna, North Kaipara Head (1996)
Archaeological Observations on Great Island, December 1995 (1996)
103 Roscommon Road, Wiri: Archaeological Assessment (1996)
Bullendale - Mount Aurum Recreation Reserve: Archaeological Survey (1996)
D.J. Clarkson - Waipapa Road, Kerikeri, Subdivision Archaeological Assessment (1996)
One Tree Hill Domain Observatory Extensions: Archaeological Monitoring (1996)
The Arrow, The Billy and Brackens Gully: Gold Mining on Glencoe (1996)
Rakaia River Mouth: Condition, Potential, Significance and Threats (1996)
The Auckland Customhouse, Proposed Long Room Redevelopment: Preliminary Archaeological Investigation (1996)
Earnscleugh Flat: Archaeological Survey for Mintago Mining (1996)
Lowland Area and Escarpment, Harbour View - Ecological and Archaeological Characteristics (1996)
Proposed Hotel, Puketutu Island: Archaeological Assessment (1996)
An Archaeological Survey of Somerville (Mangemangeroa) Reserve, Manukau City (1996)
The South Manawaora Block, Clendon Cove, Manawaora Bay: Archaeological Survey of Coastal Areas (1996)
Boscabel Rural Residential Development: Archaeological Investigation U14/1978, and U14/1977, Ohauiti, Tauranga (1996)
Auckland Town Hall: Archaeological Salvage Excavations and Construction Trench Recording - Progress Report (1996)
Report on Archaeological Inspection, Proposed CDL Subdivision, Waitaha Road, Welcome Bay, Tauranga (1996)