Report on Mitigation Investigation at N53/79, Athenree (1995)
Assessment of Archaeological Value and Recommendations for an Authority Application Under Section 11 of the Historic Places Act 1993: Archaeological Sites Within Onepu Forest, Kawerau (1995)
Conservation Plan: Te Irihanga Pa (1995)
An Archaeological Survey of the Proposed Ground Water Bore and Pump Area, Les Batkin Reserve, Tuakau (1995)
A Report of the Archaeological Survey of the Proposed Realignment of State Highway 10 at Kareponia (California) Hill, Awanui (1995)
Island Block Archaeological Survey (1995)
An Archaeological Assessment of Site R11/1596: 8 Albert Street (1995)
Golf Park Subdivision, East Tamaki: Neil Construction Ltd: Archaeological Survey for Resource Consent Application (1995)
Papahinu. The Archaeology of an Early 19th Century Maori Settlement on the Bank of the Pukaki Creek, Manukau City (1995)
Preliminary Report on the Excavation of a Gumdiggers Camp in Compartment 18, Waipoua Forest (1995)
Ambury Park Archaeological Site Survey (1995)
The Arlidge/Hung House Site : Archaeological Investigation of Part Lot 9 Section 9 Russell Township (Kororareka): Interim Report (1995)
L S Johnson Trust Residential Subdivision, Papamoa: Report on the Preliminary Archaeological Investigation - 3 July to 7 July 1995 (1995)
A Report on Monitoring of the Modification of Archaeological Site R11/1455 on the Sayes Property at Orakei Basin, Auckland (1995)
Archaeological Investigations and Monitoring at Site R11/1596 (1995)
Karangahake Historic Sites Draft Management Plan (1995)
Report on Lamplough Track Survey, Waimea Forest (1995)
Recent Excavations at the Seat of New Zealand's First Colonial Government: A Preliminary Report (1995)
Hampton Gate Development: Archaeological Assessment of a Section of the Old Coach Road, Johnsonville (1995)
Archaeological Survey of the Proposed Pipeline Route (1995)
Archaeological Investigations at Tupatika Pa Site (W15/9), Whakatane, for N.Z.H.P.T. Authority 1994/73 (1995)
Waikato Source Project: Archaeological Survey of the Proposed Pipeline Route (1995)
Report on Visit to N53/79 During the Investigations Carried Out Under Authority 1994/93 (1995)
Excavation Report: Site I42/27: House Sites, Site I42/28: Stone Ruin, Macraes Flat (1995)
South Bay, Kaikoura: A Heritage Study (1995)
Upper Clutha Archaeological Sites (1995)
Report on Archaeological Inspection Arbridge Developments Ltd, Lake Okareka, Rotorua (1995)
Murphy's Flat to Stoneburn: Preliminary Archaeological Survey (1995)
Te Awa a Korako: The Archaeology and Ethnohistory of Te Kiri Kiri (1995)
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Ponsonby Road and Jervois Road, Heritage Study, Volume 1: Auckland City (1995)
Historic Sites on the Mt Aurum Historic Reserve, Skippers: An Initial Report (1995)
Report on Archaeological Testing: Site of Te Awamutu Mission Station, Te Awamutu (1995)
Archaeological Excavation of Site R11/1846, East Tamaki (1995)
Built to Last? The Archaeology of William Williams Ruins at Paihia, Bay of Islands, New Zealand (1995)
An Archaeological Survey of the Proposed CDL Land NZ Ltd subdivision, Orwell Road, Greenhithe (1995)
Inspection of Archaeological Site R12/32, Pokorua Road, Kohekohe, Awhitu Peninsula (1995)
Report on Archaeological Inspection in Compartments 401-408, and Access Roads, Taneatua Forest, Taneatua (1995)
Innes-Mills Pit Waste Rock Dump Site: Archaeological Survey (1995)
High Mining on the Lammermoors: Historic Values on Rocklands Pastoral Lease (1995)
Site R11/1436, Tamaki River (1995)
Archaeological Survey of the Rangiputa Block, Karikari Peninsula (1995)
Ka Pakihi Whakatekateka O Waitaha: The Archaeology of Canterbury in Maori Times (1995)
Cultural Heritage Inventory: Archaeological Sites Within Manukau City (1995)
An Archaeological Survey of a Proposed Forestry Block, Honeymoon Valley, Northland (1995)
Report on Archaeological Inspection, Balance of Pt DPS 24826, Block 2 Te Tumu S.D., Papamoa (1995)
An Archaeological Assessment of Sites R11/1645 and R11/1707 (1995)
Report on Archaeological Values on Te Mata Forestry's Property, Te Mata, Thames Coast (1995)
The Stone Store Drains: Archaeological Investigations Along the West and North Sides of the Stone Store, Kerikeri (P5/617) (1995)
An Archaeological Survey of the Proposed Udy Family Trust Subdivision (1995)
An Excavation at the Old Pittar & Barker Site, Cnr. Pitt Street and Reads Quay, Turanganui, Gisborne (1995)
Report on Archaeological Inspection in Compartments 709/1, 710/1, 711/1, 712/1, 721/1, 722/1, 723/1 & 724/1, Pinnacles Forest, Kaharoa (1995)
Papahinu: The Archaeology of an Early 19th Century Maori Settlement on the Bank of the Pukaki Creek, Manukau City (1995)
Archaeological Investigations and Monitoring for Stage 4 of the Development at Royal Palm Beach Estate, Papamoa (1995)
Archaeological Investigations and Monitoring at Site R11/1596 (1995)
Second Draft, 22nd June 1995 - Report on the DoC Research Project No. 1949: Maori History and Customary Use: Hawkes Bay Conservation Lands (1995)
Excavation of Sgt Michael Ford's Cottage, Panmure, Auckland: A Preliminary Report (1995)
Report on the Archaeological Investigation of N25/95, Ligar Bay, Eastern Golden Bay (1995)
Historic Resources on Wyuna Pastoral Lease, Glenorchy (1995)
Final Excavation Report to the NZHPT, Wellington, on Nelson Archaeological Project (1995)
Site R11/1624 (Formerly His Majesty's Theatre) (1995)
An Archaeological Survey of the Proposed National Golf Course Site, Beachlands, East Auckland (1995)
The Archaeology of the Sky City Site, Auckland (Sites R11/1813 & R11/1814), 1993-1994 (1995)
Te Maunga Wastewater Treatment Plant Development: Monitoring, August-October 1995 (1995)
Report on Archaeological Monitoring G. Johnston Property, Site U16/61, Lake Tarawera (1995)
Pre-European Occupation on the Papamoa Dune Ridges: The Archaeological Excavation of Site U14/2841 (1995)
Research of Wahitapu Sites and Land Title History of the Waiwakaiho or Katere Native Reserve (Sections 161, 162 & 163 Hua District, Paritutu II & VI S.D.) (1995)
Takiroa Rock Art Conservation Project: Archaeological Monitoring (1995)
The Management of Resources and Information with Regard to the History and Values of Tangata Whenua in Part of the Hawke's Bay Conservancy (1995)
An Archaeological Survey of the Western Portion of the Allan Wood Reserve and Oakley Creek (1995)
Inspection of Pa Site R10/787 and Adjacent Shell Middens and Pit Depressions, Kaipatiki (Lucas) Creek, Albany, North Shore City (1995)
The Mining Landscape of Fruitlands: Historic Values on the Dunbier Properties (1995)
An Archaeological Assessment of Site R10/80 (1995)
Landscape Approaches to Settlement Pattern Analysis: The Maori Occupation of Tirau (1995)
Archaeological Investigation of Future Development Areas, North Shore City: Survey and Assessment of Albany and Greenhithe Structure Plan Areas (1995)
Report on Further Investigation at Blue Haven Stage 3 & 4, Papamoa (1995)
Report on Archaeological Inspection of 1996/97 and 1997/98 Production Areas, Takehe - Paengaroa Forest, Paengaroa (1995)
Installation of the New Diesel Fuel Tank, The Strand, Russell, by Caltex Oil (NZ) Limited: Archaeological Investigation of Site (Q05 1168) (1995)
An Assessment of the Archaeological and Historical Significance of Te Kairae Pa (Sites V21/61 and V21/111), Lake Oingo, Hawkes Bay (1995)
An Archaeological Survey of the Proposed Hukatere Quarry, Kaipara (1995)
Past Maori Occupation at Tutahi: Excavations at Site R11/1694, Newmarket, Auckland (1995)
Historic Values of Tuapeka Gold Mining Company Dam, Tuapeka River (1995)
Report on Archaeological Assessment: Pegasus Road House, Mahurangi Forest (1995)
Preliminary Archaeological Survey of the Proposed Groundwater Bore Drilling Sites, Waikato River (1995)
Initial Report on Mitigation Investigation for Angus Developments, Papamoa (1995)
An Archaeological Survey of the Proposed Bass Road Subdivision, Albany (1995)
An Archaeological Site Survey of Gibbston Stone's Quarry at Gibbston, Central Otago (1995)
Home Reef Resource Consent Area, Macraes Gold Project: Archaeological Survey (1995)
Interim Report on Mitigation Investigation at Blue Haven Subdivision, Papamoa (1995)