Management of the Auckland Volcanic Cones (1994)
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Archaeological Assessment of Two Proposed Road Widenings: 1. Manurewa-Papatoetoe, Southern Motorway. 2 Ambury Crawler Lane, State Highway 22 (1994)
Maori Sites in and Near the Auckland domain (1994)
Gold Mining on Templars Hill, Bannockburn (1994)
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Cultural Heritage Inventory: A Maritime Inventory for the Auckland Region (1994)
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William Stewart's Shipbuilding Site, Port Pegasus, Stewart Island: Archaeological Survey (1994)
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Archaeological Assessment of the Kerikeri Wharf Area (1994)
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Addition to the Report of an Archaeological Survey at the Waiouru Peninsula, Otara (1994)
Archaeological Survey of Eastern Whakaipo Bay, Lake Taupo (1994)
Alluvial Gold Workings "Innes Dam", Macraes: Archaeological Survey, 20-21 July 1994 (1994)
An Archaeological Investigation of Area 2 at 103-107 Hobson Street Auckland (1994)
Archaeology: Katherine Mansfield Birthplace, June-November 1993 (1994)
Dredge Pond Licence PL 31-2633 Macraes Flat: Archaeological Survey September 1994 (1994)
Archaeological Site Survey: The Owera Valley Floor and Koruakomako, Whangapoua Harbour (1994)
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Waikato River Water Supply Pipeline: Final Report on the Assessment of Effects on Cultural and Historic Values (1994)
Maygrove Subdivision Development, Orewa: An Archaeological Assessment of Sites R10/736, R10/782 and R10/783 (1994)
The Hidden Goldfields of Earnscleugh (1994)
Archaeological Assessment: 103-107 Hobson Street, Auckland, 20 April 1994 (1994)
Archaeological Investigations in Connection with the Russell Sewerage Scheme (1994)
Nga Taonga o Waiau: A Preliminary Evaluation of Some Maori Heritage Features in Coromandel (1994)
Tamahere Diversion SH1: A Report on the Archaeological Monitoring of the Earthworks Associated with Highway Construction (1994)
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The Archaeology of Maori occupation along the Waihou River, Hauraki (1994)
Mining with Cyanide at Horse Flat (1994)
Garibaldi Diggings and Keri Mining Ltd: Report on Archaeological Features with Reference to Application 31-329 (1994)
Along the Mountain (1994)
Report on Archaeological Monitoring, Capleston Township, Reefton (1994)
Warfare and Economic Power in Simple Chiefdoms: The Development of Fortified Villages and Polities in Mid-Hawke's Bay, New Zealand (1994)
Otuataua Stonefields: Proposal for Protection (1994)
Proposed Subdivision at 21 Buscomb Ave Henderson: Initial Archaeological Survey (1994)
Cultural Heritage Inventory: Archaeological Sites within North Shore City (1994)
Final Report on the Excavations of a Miner's Hut Site (S143/226) in the Old Man Range, Central Otago (1994)
Report of an Archaeological Survey at the Waiouru Peninsula, Otara (1994)
A Brief History of the Human Occupation of Muriwai Regional Park and its Environs (1994)
Report on Okato Blockhouse: P19/47 (1994)
Report on Archaeological Field Investigation, Year 1 Harvesting Programme, Compartments 123 & 125, Tairua Forest (1994)
Earnscleugh Dredge Tailings: Archaeological Survey for McStay's Transport Ltd (1994)
Kihikihi Report on the Temple Cottage, Police House, Police Cells and Kihikihi Redoubt; Including a Draft Management and Conservation Plan Brief (1994)
Archaeological Survey of the Oakley Stream Bank, Phyllis Street Reserve (1994)
Archaeological Monitoring of Kaitemako Heights Rural Residential Subdivision, Tauranga (1994)
Archaeological Investigations for Katherine Mansfield Birthplace Society, May 1987 (1994)
Report on the Archaeological Monitoring of the Wanganui Wastewater Project (1994)
Report on Earthwork Monitoring U14/2753, Papamoa (1994)
The Cold Sequestered Nevis (1994)
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Report on Archaeological Impact Assessment: Road Realignment - Heavens Curves Maramarua (1994)
Edmonds Ruins, Kerikeri Inlet, Bay of Islands: The Stone Structures and the Artefact Assemblage (1994)
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Sources for the Archaeology of the Maaori Settlement of the Taamaki Volcanic District (1994)
Technical Analysis of the Pouakani Report (1994)
Excavation of R11/1783 at 27 The Parade, Bucklands Beach (1994)
Archaeological Investigation of Site no.N36/109 Panau Pa, Banks Peninsula (1994)
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Archaeological Site Inspection of Araparera (Pinepac) Forest Block, Araparera, Kaipara Harbour (1994)
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Peka Peka Swamp (1994)
Map of Archaeological Sites on Pukekura Pa (1994)