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69 Talbot Street, Geraldine (J38/221): Report on Archaeological Monitoring (2019)
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29 Tancreds Road, Ladbrooks: EQ Demolition (2016)
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72-82 Taranaki St & 17-19 Egmont St, Wellington: Archaeological Monitoring (2009)
Taranaki Street Kiosk (Former Taranaki Street Toilets) Redevelopment: Archaeological Monitoring Report (2012)
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168 Taranaki Street, Archaeological Investigation, NZHPT Authority 2008/183 (2008)
166 Taranaki Street, Wellington (2013)
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2 Tasman Place, Christchurch: Report on Archaeological Monitoring (2016)
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"Tattooed Rocks" at Raglan R14/50 (2004)
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20A and 26 Taupata Street, Christchurch: Report on Archaeological Monitoring (2014)
8 Taupata Street, Redcliffs, Christchurch: EQ Repairs (2017)
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Taupo County (1978)
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Te Henga Reserve (1987)
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Te Whau Walkway, Mahurangi, Auckland: Final Archaeological Monitoring Report (2017)
Technical Analysis of the Pouakani Report (1994)
153 Tedder Avenue, Christchurch: EQ Rebuild (2016)
152 Tedder Avenue, New Brighton, Christchurch: EQ Repairs (2017)
131 Tedder Avenue, New Brighton: EQ Rebuild. Archaeological Authority 2016/722eq Monitoring Report (2017)
153 Tedder Avenue, North New Brighton, Christchurch – Demolition and Site Remediation: Report on Archaeological Monitoring (2015)
131 Tedder Avenue, North New Brighton: EQ Demolition (2018)
26 Tedder Street, Dunedin, Letter Report for Site Works Undertaken under Archaeological Authority 2017/467 (2020)
18 Tekapo Place, Opawa: EQ Repair (2019)
Telecom Mobile Communications Ltd Cable Repair, Maungawhau: Archaeological Report (1997)
20 Templar Street, Christchurch, Report on Archaeological Monitoring under HNZPT Authority 2019/669eq (2020)
7 and 12 Templar Street, Christchurch: A Report on Archaeological Monitoring (2014)
8 Templar Street, Christchurch: Report on Archaeological Monitoring (2015)
Tennyson Street, Christchurch: Report on Archaeological Investigation (2012)
30 Tennyson Street, Dunedin, Letter Report for Site Works Undertaken under Archaeological Authority 2015/302 (2018)
6 Tern Street, Southshore, Christchurch: EQ Repair (2018)
Tern Street, Christchurch: Report on Archaeological Monitoring
Terrace Excavations on Site No. V21/168, Otatara Pa, Hawkes Bay District (1989)
Terrace, M35/1050, Christchurch: Report on Archaeological Investigation
Terraces at the Clutha River, Hawea Flat: Archaeological Report (2014)
Test and Salvage Excavations at the Warrington Moa-Hunter Site, I44/177: Preliminary Report to the NZ Historic Places Trust, Permit No. 1986/32 (1987)
A Test Excavation at New Zealand's First Government House (1992)
Test Excavation N1&2/652 (1982)
Test Excavation of Midden Site Q07/17 on the Rees Property, Pataua South (2004)
Test Excavation of Midden Site Q08/352, Cullen Road, Waipu (2002)
Test Excavation of Site Q07/1160, Pataua South (2002)
Test Excavations - Bream Head Scenic Reserve (2001)
Test Excavations at Hamlins Hill (1983)
Test Excavations at Little Waikawa, Queen Charlotte Sound (1982)
Test Excavations at Site R11/343: Pine Harbour Marina (1986)
Test Excavations at the Site of the New Store and Carpenters Workshop, Mt Eden Prison, Auckland (1998)
Test Excavations at the South Bay Pa Site O31/34, Kaikoura: Draft Report (2003)
Test Excavations of a Terrace at Site R10/306, Weiti Station Karepiro Bay (Rodney County) (1985)
Test Excavations of Archaeological Sites near Whanganui River Mouth, Wanganui (1983)
Test Excavations Report, Glenbervie SF 21, Mokau Block, Site N16/445 (1981)
Test Excavations, Marsland Hill, New Plymouth: An Historical and Archaeological Assessment (1987)
Test Pits at P27/141, a Pit Complex on the Guild Property at Onahau Bay, Queen Charlotte Sound, Marlborough (1999)
Test Pits at the Buller Mouth Site (K29/8 - NZHPT Authority 2004/1) (2004)
Test Pitting, M2PP Expressway Alignment, Kapiti Coast (2011)
Test Pitting, Paraparaumu Airport, Kapiti Coast (2009)
Test Pitting, Tunnels Duplication Project, Wellington City (2012)
Test Trenching, Paraparaumu Airport, Kapiti Coast (2010)
Thames District Archaeological Site Survey & Management (1985)
Thames Hospital Archaeological Investigation, HP Authority No 2006/13: Interim Report (2009)
Thames Miners Hut, 106 Vanguard Street; T12/1310; New Zealand Historic Places Trust Authority No. 2008/159 (2008)
Thames Storm Water Archaeological Report (2004)
244 Thames Street and 26 Exe Street Oamaru: Final Report for Authority No. 2008/225 (2009)
244 Thames Street and 26 Exe Street: Building Archaeology Report (2008)
4A The Brae, Christchurch: Report on Archaeological Monitoring (2016)
T12/3 – The Cabana Site, Whangamata, New Zealand. Results of the 2016 Investigation. (2019)
"The Doctor's House", 53 Newcastle Street, Ngaruawahia: Report on Archaeological Monitoring and Data Recovery (2002)
"The Old School Room" (T24/37, Archaeological Monitoring under Authority HP 2011/59 for the New Hall Area, All Saints' Church, Palmerston North (2010)
47 The Strand, Russell (The Phillips' House): Archaeological Investigation (2000)
ARP: The Terraces - Final Report for Archaeological Investigations on The Terraces, under Archaeological Authority No. 2017/394eq (2019)
"The Town of Bedrock": A View from 28 Tarbert Street (2014)
Q Theatre, 305-309 Queen Street, 20-22 Greys Avenue, Auckland: Summary Archaeological Report (2010)
The Thin End of the 'Wedge': Archaeological Excavations Under the Town Hall, Auckland (1996)
A Third Season of Archaeological Site Recording on the Mahia Peninsula (1986)
Thistle Hall, 293 Cuba Street, Te Aro, Wellington NZAA Site R27/513: Archaeological Monitoring Report (2014)
Thomas Building Extension, University of Auckland: Archaeological Monitoring Report (2009)
44 Thompson Street, Mt Cook, Wellington: Archaeological Monitoring Report (2016)
Thompson Subdivision, Waikekeno, East Coast: Archaeological Appraisal (1998)
Thompsons Track Roading Upgrade - Aongatete, Western Bay of Plenty, Aotearoa New Zealand, Final Archaeological Monitoring and Recording Report (2020)
Thomson Park, New Brighton, Christchurch (2019)
81-85 Thorndon Quay, Wellington: Archaeological Test Trenching (2013)
The Thornton Road Pa (S15/66) and the Swayne Road Site (S15/324), Cambridge Section of the Waikato Expressway: Final Report (HPA Authority 2013/55) (2012)
1/11 Thornton Street, Christchurch: EQ Rebuild (2017)
34 Thorrington Road, Cashmere, Christchurch: EQ Demolition (2016)
Thoughts on Future of Sunken Whaleboat in Lake Waikaremoana (1982)
Threats to Archaeological Features within the Redoubt and Village Area, Opepe Bush Scenic and Historic Reserve, Taupo (1999)
Threats to Archaeological Sites on the East Coast of Otago (1978)
390 Three Mile Bush Road - Archaeological Authority 2014/681 Compliance Report (2017)
Threepwood, Lake Hayes: Interim Report on Archaeological Monitoring of Earthworks (2012)
415 Ti Rakau Drive, East Tamaki, Auckland: Final Report on Archaeological Monitoring and Investigation of Site R11/2866 (Guy's Homestead) (2017)
30A and 30B Ticehurst Road, Lyttelton: A Report on Archaeological Monitoring (2014)
37 Ticehurst Road, Lyttelton: Report on Archaeological Monitoring (2016)
3 Ticehurst Terrace, Lyttelton: Report on Archaeological Monitoring (2018)
1 Tilbury Place, Christchurch: A Report on Archaeological Monitoring (2014)
8 Tilbury Place, Dallington, Christchurch - Demolition: Report on Archaeological Monitoring (2015)
10 Tilbury Place, Dallington, Christchurch: Archaeological Monitoring Report (2014)
Tilbury Place, Christchurch: Report on Archaeological Monitoring
Tilbury Place, Dallington, Christchurch: Report on Archaeological Monitoring
Timaru Courthouse: Archaeological Investigation Report (2010)
27 Timberly Road, Auckland Airport, Mangere: Final Archaeological Report (2019)
Time Depth Enterprises Heritage Consultants
Timeball Station, 2 Reserve Terrace, Lyttelton: Final Report under HNZPT 2018/023eq (2019)
Timeball Station, Lyttelton: An Archaeological Investigation (2008)
Tisdalls Site, Wellington: Archaeological Investigations (2011)
14 Titan Street, North Dunedin, Site I44/853 (2018)
Titanium Park, Stage 1A, Hamilton Airport: Archaeological Monitoring (2012)
Titirangi Archaeology: An Interim Report (1977)
Titoki Road, Raumati: Archaeological Monitoring Report (2008)
15 Tobins Road, Doyleston: EQ Demolition (2017)
Toitu Otago Settlers Museum, Final Report on Archaeological Monitoring 2008/67 (2013)
44 Tomes Road, Papanui, Christchurch: EQ Demolition Works & Building Record (2019)
44 Tomes Road, Papanui, Christchurch: EQ Ground Remediation & Rebuild Works (2019)
Tongariro Archaeology: A Contribution to the Ecology, Prehistory and History of the Tongariro Power Development (?)
Tongariro Domain, Taupo: Riverside Park Development - Archaeological Monitoring (2007)
The Top of the Ridge - At the Serpentine (1992)
Top Valley: Post-Harvest Assessment of Archaeological Sites (2007)
Top Valley: Post-Harvest Inspection of Sites, Cpts 8, 9, 12, 13 and 32 (2017)
164 Topito Road, Tuahiwi, Christchurch - Demolition: Report on Archaeological Monitoring (2014)
Topsoil Removal at Midden Sites R11/2381 and R11/2382 Adjacent to the Pakuranga Substation under Authority 2011/219 (2011)
Tora Farm Settlement Road Wairarapa, Tyer Proposed Subdivision: Archaeological Assessment (1999)
The Torpedo Bay excavations: Volume 1, the pre-european Maori site (HPA authority 2009/275) (2018)
Torpedo Bay Safety Fence (HNZPT Authority 2019/633) and Torpedo Bay Jetty Repair (HNZPT Authority 2020/117): Final Report (2020)
The Torpedo Boat Shed at Magazine Bay, Lyttelton: An Archaeological Investigation (2004)
Totara Estate, Oamaru: Final Report on Authority no. 2012/330 (2012)
Totaratahi Estate Ltd, State Highway One, Totara, Otago (2010)
ARI-HAM B Tower 039 Refurbishment: Archaeological Monitoring of Whareturere Pa, T15/124 (2014)
ARI-HAM-B052 Tower Foundation Works: Archaeological Monitoring (2015)
ARI-HAM Towers B 0100 and A 0051: Archaeological Investigation of Part of Site T15/296 (HNZPTA Authority 2016/910) (2016)
Town Point Road Footpath, Maketu. Archaeological Monitoring Report HNZPT Authority: 2017/825 (2018)
Track Installation to Sites J39/1 & 2 at Craigmore, South Canterbury. Preliminary Report to N.Z.H.P.T. (Authority 2013/827) (2014)
Track Upgrade, Green Bay Beach Reserve, Green Bay, Auckland: Final Archaeological Report (2014)
Track upgrades at Aramoana Avenue: Final report for HNZPTA authority 2019-568 (2019)
78 Trafalgar Street, St Albans, Christchurch: Archaeological Monitoring Report (2014)
92 Trafalgar Street, St Albans, Christchurch: Report on Archaeological Monitoring (2017)
A Tram Line to the Seaside: Final Report for Archaeological Investigations at Site No. I44/840 under Archaeological Authority No. 2018/134 (2018)
A Tramline and Storm Water at Pilots Beach, Pukekura (2012)
8 Tramway Lane, Christchurch: Report on Archaeological Monitoring (2011)
7 Tramway Road, Christchurch: Report on Archaeological Monitoring (2012)
Transit New Zealand CMJ Project, Wellington St to Grafton Bridge: Archaeological Assessment (2001)
Transpower Maintenance Works at Tower ARI-HAM-B0074, 295 Tirau Road, Cambridge: Preliminary Report for HNZPTA Authority 2019/503 (2019)
Transpower maintenance works at tower HEN-MPE-A0152: Preliminary report for HNZPTA authority 2020/276 (2020)
Transpower Maintenance Works at Towers ARI-HAM-B0053 and ARI-HAM-B0057: Preliminary Report for HNZPTA Authority 2019/492 (2019)
Transpower maintenance works at towers HEN-MPE-A0044: Preliminary report for HNZPTA authority 2020/274 (2020)
Transpower maintenance works at towers HEN-MPE-A0197 and HEN-MPE-A0198: Preliminary report for HNZPTA authority 2020/277 (2020)
Transpower OTA-WKM A Tower 0190, B Tower 0179 and C Tower 0180: Archaeological Investigation of Site S15/68 (HNZPTA Authority 2016/649) (2016)
Transpower Tower HAM KPO A 0001, 542 Maungatautari Road, Karapiro: Interim Report for HNZPTA Authority 2019/756 (2019)
Transpower Tower OTA WKM A 0087 and OTA WKM A 0088: Final Report (HNZPTA Authority 2021/064) (2020)
193D Travis Road, Christchurch: Report on Archaeological Monitoring (2016)
Trecarne House Archaeological Monitoring Report (2011)
Tree Removal, Military Road (R27/297), Miramar Peninsula, Archaeological Report Authority 2018-411 (2019)
45 Trent Street, Christchurch: Report on Archaeological Monitoring (2015)
Trent Street, Christchurch: A Report on Archaeological Monitoring
232 Tuam Street, 105 Manchester Street, 144-150 Tuam Street, 171 Tuam Street, Road Reserve Poplar Street, and Road Reserve Mollett Street, Christchurch: Report on Archaeological Monitoring (2015)
96 Tuam Street, Christchurch (M35/1264): Report on Archaeological Monitoring (2015)
160 Tuam Street, Christchurch: Archaeological Monitoring (2011)
48 Tuam Street, Christchurch: Report on Arcaheological Monitoring (2013)
365-367 Tuam Street: A Report on Archaeological Monitoring (2013)
Tuam Street, Christchurch: A Report on Archaeological Monitoring
Tuam Street, Christchurch: Report on Archaeological Monitoring
Tuapiro Point Reserve Development: Report on Archaeological Monitoring and Investigation (2008)
Tuff Crater Reserve Walkway Upgrade, Exmouth Road, Northcote: Archaeological Assessment (2001)
Tuhirangi, Oneriri Road, Kaipara District, Proposed Subdivision: Archaeological Survey and Assessment of Effects (2008)
Tuhirangi: Archaeological Assessment (1997)
Tunapahore 6 Forest - Archaeological Monitoring, NZHPT Authority 2014/649, Site X15/301 (2014)
Tunapahore 6 Forest, Hawai: Archaeological Monitoring Report (2014)
Tunapahore 6 Forest, Hāwai, Post-Harvest Assessment, Authority 2014/649: Final Report to HNZPT & Hancock Forest Management (NZ) Ltd. (2019)
Tunapahore B2A Forests, Hawai: Report on Assessment of Archaeological Sites, for Carter Holt Harvey Ltd., Tokoroa (2005)
Tupakaria, Site U15/35, Rotorua (1988)
Tupare Farm Subdivision, Tupare Road, Kaipara South Head: Report of Archaeological Investigations Under NZHPT Authority 2005/158 (2006)
Turntable Hill Road Seal Extension: Archaeological Monitoring Report (2007)
Tutukaka Archaeological Survey (1991)
Twilight Beach Burial (1986)
Two Pits on Pahi Peninsula (Site Q08/548): Archaeological Excavation at Cloon Even (493 Pahi Road) (2012)