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James Wright's First Paparoa Pottery (Q8/310): An Initial Archaeological Investigation (1993)
36A Jeffreys Road, Christchurch: Report on Archaeological Monitoring (2017)
3 Jellicoe Street, Christchurch: Report on Archaeological Monitoring (2013)
Jim Cooke Park Stopbank Archaeological Monitoring (2017)
Johanna Lane, Christchurch: Archaeological Monitoring
Johanna Lane, Christchurch: Report on Archaeological Monitoring
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John Martin's House, Omapere (2009)
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Johnston's United Battery, N.W. Nelson, Site M25/90, Archaeological Authority No. 2012/85 Report on Excavation and Restoration of Foundations
Jones Street, Kaiapoi: A Report on Archaeological Monitoring
Jones Street, Kaiapoi: Report on Archaeological Monitoring
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Jonkers Family Trust, Riverhead: Archaeological Survey and Assessment (2001)
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Jubilee Hospital, 20 Jubilee Street, Christchurch: Report on Archaeological Monitoring (2012)
Judges Bay Stormwater Pipe Renewal, Parnell, Auckland: Final Report on Archaeological Monitoring (2014)
Junction Hotel, 2234 SH1, Spring Creek interim report on archaeological monitoring under HNZPT authority 2020/140
Junction Hotel, 2234 SH1, Spring Creek, Final Report on Archaeological Monitoring under HNZPT Authority 2020/140 (2020)
Just Another Papamoa Pipi Midden? Archaeological Investigation