An "Accidental" Archaeological Survey of the West Bank of Mountain Camp Creek, Wakamarina Goldfield (2010)
63 Abberley Crescent, Christchurch: A Report on Archaeological Monitoring (2014)
Abbeville, Nixon Road, Mangere: Archaeological Monitoring (2012)
557 Aberdeen Rd, Gisborne: Archaeological Monitoring Report HPT Authority 2006/206 (2006)
24 Aberdeen Street and 195 Salisbury Street, Christchurch: Report on Archaeological Monitoring (2012)
22A Aberdeen Street, Christchurch: Report on Archaeological Monitoring (2011)
An Accessible City TP1B: Report on Archaeological Monitoring (2018)
An Accessible City TP3: Final Report on Archaeological Monitoring (2018)
An Accessible City, Christchurch - TB1B 2019 (2019)
An Accessible City, Christchurch: Report on Archaeological Monitoring (2015)
Acclimatisation Society Fish Pond Complex: Initial Survey (no date)
Achaeological Investigation of Two Shell Midden Sites at Papamoa (1997)
Achilles Point: Observation Platform Upgrade and Replacement of Roadside Bollards - Archaeological Monitoring Report (1997)
4, 6 and 12 Acland Avenue and 486 Avonside Drive, Christchurch: A Report on Archaeological Monitoring (2015)
10-12 Acland Avenue, Christchurch: Report on Archaeological Monitoring (2013)
7 Acorn Close, Christchurch: Report on Archaeological Monitoring (2017)
6-12 Acton Street, Christchurch: Archaeological Monitoring (2012)
Adaptation and Change in Prehistoric Maori Agriculture (no date)
Addendum report on for extra tree felling to clear Transpower Roxburgh to Islington A (2019)
Addendum Report: Conservation of Ruatuna Homestead (Q08/576), Matakohe, Kaipara (2014)
Addendum to "Alfriston Site, 1444 Alfriston Rd, Papakura, Auckland: Archaeological Monitoring Report" (2010)
Addendum to Harvest Plan Information for W15/196 - PA. Kiwinui Forestry Block, Matariki Forest, BoP (2009)
Addendum to Interim Report R11/2341: NZHPT Authority No. 2006/80 (2009)
Addendum to Report on Archaeological Field Inspection Proposed Harvest Areas in Compartments 8, 9, 11, 16, 23, 24 & 25, Waimea Forest (2005)
Addendum to the Archaeological Monitoring Report, Peka Peka Road, Waikanae (2009)
Addendum: Report on Test Pit Excavations, Whangara, under Heritage New Zealand Authority 2016/534 (2016)
Addendum: Subsurface Testing of Archaeological Site R11/2185, 397 Puhinui Road, Manukau City (2003)
Addition to the Report of an Archaeological Survey at the Waiouru Peninsula, Otara (1994)
Additional Archaeological Report on Site R11/1895, Harbourview Subdivision, Weymouth (1998)
Additional Lighting at Mission Bay: Archaeological Monitoring Report (1996)
Additional Monitoring of Earthworks at White's Bay Recreation Reserve, Marlborough (2012)
Additional Note, Site N20/127 (1980)
Additional Report on Excavation Work carried out under Authority 2007-154, Pursuant to Section 14, Historic Places Act 1993, Shuttleworth Property, Selwyn St, Pohara, Golden Bay, February 2007 (2007)
Adelaide Rd and Glenmore Sts Sewer Replacement, Wellington: Archaeological Authority - 2016/641 (2016)
LCT Administration Building, Lyttelton Port (M36/314 and M36/341): Report on Archaeological Monitoring (2018)
33 Admirals Way & 1 Evans Avenue, Christchurch: A Report on Archaeological Monitoring (2014)
Adze Use and Manufacture in Northland: Some New Evidence from Pouerua (1985)
Ahipara, North Hokianga, Kaitaia Area: Archaeological Site Survey Report (1979)
Ahipara: Archaeological Assessment of Proposed Subdivision - HPT Section 18 Report (2004)
Ahuriri Farm Settlement: An Archaeological Site Survey (no date)
129 Aikmans Road, Christchurch: Report on Archaeological Monitoring (2019)
Airways Control Tower, Rongotai, Archsite R27/554: Archaeological Monitoring under Heritage New Zealand 2016/481 (2016)
Akaroa Service Renewal: Report on Archaeological Monitoring (2020)
13 Alan Murray Lane, Waiheke Island, Auckland: Final Report on Archaeological Monitoring (2014)
12 Albany Avenue, Mount Victoria, Wellington, Part NZAA Site R27/607, Archaeological Monitoring Report, Prepared For Heritage New Zealand (2019)
Albany Street Pharmacy Site I44/533 (An Urban Stables Site) (2012)
Albert Park Rotunda: Archaeological Monitoring (R11/833) (2003)
Albert Park Upgrade Monitoring 2010 (Pavement Renewal): Second Interim Report (2011)
Albert Park Wells (1978)
76-84 Albert Street, Auckland, Allotments 5 and 6, City Section 16, Site R11/2136: Final Archaeological Report (2001)
Alcmene, French Corvette, Wrecked 1851, Dargaville Beach, New Zealand: Interim Report (no date)
8 Alderson Ave, Hillsborough: EQ Rebuild (2018)
8 Alderson Avenue, Hillsborough, Christchurch: EQ Demolition (2016)
7 Alexander Lane, Kaiapoi - Demolition: Archaeological Monitoring Report (2014)
The Alexandra Cobblestone Road (2003)
Alexandra Community House Archaeological Site Recording (2013)
Alexandra East Redoubt Historic Reserve: Conservation Plan (no date)
Alexandra Flood Protection Scheme: Archaeological Assessment (2000)
Alexandra Flood Protection Scheme: Archaeological Investigations, Central Business District - Final Report (2002)
15 Alexandra Street, Christchurch: Report on Archaeological Monitoring (2018)
Alfriston Site, 1444 Alfriston Rd, Papakura, Auckland: Archaeological Monitoring (Authority No. 2008/76) (2008)
Algies Bay Subdivision, Mahurangi, Rodney District: Archaeological Investigation of Site R09/152 (2008)
Alice Johnson Reserve and Ministry of Education Site, Parton Road, Papamoa: Archaeological Assessment (2004)
Allen Street Water Main Renewal: Report on Archaeological Monitoring (2017)
Alluvial Gold Workings "Innes Dam", Macraes: Archaeological Survey, 20-21 July 1994 (1994)
Alluvial Gold Workings, Pomahaka River, Otago: Archaeological Assessment for Royds Consulting (1997)
Alluvial Gold Workings, Upper Murphy's Creek, Macraes: Archaeological Survey 23-24 June 1994 (1994)
Along the Mountain (1994)
Alpine Archaeology 1: The First Hermitage Site, Mt Cook (1985)
Alpine Archaeology 2: The First Ball Hut Site, Tasman Valley (1985)
Alpine Stamper Battery (F42/265): Drainage of Stamper Battery Pit (2010)
Ambrose's Building, Gore: Final Report on Archaeological Authority 2010/330 for Mollison & Associates/Mataura Licensing Trust (2011)
Ambury Farm Park: Archaeological Investigations Stage I: Sites N42/1143, 1137 & 1251 - Interim Report (1982)
Ambury Park Archaeological Site Survey (1995)
Ambury Regional Park, Mangere, Auckland - Archaeological Monitoring for Camping Hardstand and Access Road: Final Report (2011)
Amendments, The Terrace, M35/1050, Christchurch: Report on Archaeological Investigations (2016)
Amenities Upgrade: Dave Meyer Robinson Park, Judges Bay, Parnell (2011)
T12/1152 - An Archaeological Investigation (Main Block, Tairua Forest) (2002)
M.P. 50-969: An Archaeological Report on Test Pitting (2010)
T12/493 An Historic Hut Site - Compartment 71, Main Block, Tairua Crown Forest Lease, Whangamata: Brief Report on Archaeological Monitoring - NZHPT Authority 2011/06 (2013)
L37/4: An Investigation Take Under Authority 2003/97 (2008)
Analysis and Description of Maori Storage Pits at Puwera, NZ (2008)
Analysis of Faunal Material from an Archaeological Site at Raumati Beach near Wellington (2000)
An Analysis of some Lithic Artefact Assemblages from Pouerua, Northland (1985)
Analysis of the Glass Bottles and Containers from Cromwell's Chinatown (1980)
Anaura Bay Reserve (1980)
Anchor Products Limited, Te Rapa Dairy Factory: Management Plan for the Mangaharakeke Pa Site on the Te Rapa Dairy Factory Site (1998)
115 And 115a Main Road, Redcliffs, Christchurch: Report on Archaeological Monitoring (2020)
2016/069, 2016/072, 2016/139, 2016/317 And 2016/484 Enable Ndp5, Christchurch: A Report On Archaeological Monitoring (2017)
The Anderson House, 40 Wilson Street, Whanganui: Final report on archaeological monitoring as required by Authority 2018/691 (2018)
1-5/42 Andover Street, Christchurch (M35/1708): Report on Archaeological Monitoring (2017)
50 Andover Street, Christchurch: A Report on Archaeological Monitoring at Archaeological Site M35/1708 (2019)
29 Andover Street, Merivale, Christchurch: A Report on Archaeological Monitoring (2018)
10 Andover Street, Merivale, Christchurch: Archaeological Monitoring Report (2014)
40a Andover Street, Merivale: EQ Demolition and Rebuild (2018)
Andover Street, Christchurch: Report on Archaeological Monitoring
49 Anfield Street, Brooklands, Christchurch – Demolition: Report on Archaeological Monitoring (2015)
29 Anfield Street, Brooklands, Christchurch: Archaeological Monitoring Report (2014)
Anfield Street, Brooklands: A Report on Archaeological Monitoring
Anfield Street, Brooklands: Report on Archaeological Monitoring
9 Anglesea Street, Arrowtown: Archaeological Monitoring (2019)
12 Anglesea Street: Interim Report Draft (2018)
Annual Report Heritage New Zealand Authority 2010/108 (2014)
Annual Report of Archaeological Investigations Associated with the Oakley Creek Revegetation Programme, Authority 2009-320 (2010)
194 Antigua Street, 5 and 15 St David Street and 165 Moorhouse Avenue, Christchurch: Report on Archaeological Monitoring (2013)
73a-b & 75 Antigua Street, Addington, Christchurch: EQ Repair. Archaeological Authority Monitoring Report 2016/505ee (2017)
66 Antigua Street, Addington, Christchurch: Report on Archaeological Monitoring (2015)
139A, 141 Antigua Street, and 144 Moorhouse Avenue, Christchurch: Report on Archaeological Monitoring (2018)
ARP: Antigua to Durham - Final Report for Archaeological Investigations between Antigua and Durham Streets, under Archaeological Authority No. 2017/130eq (2019)
Antigua Street, Christchurch: Report on Archaeological Monitoring
The Aorere Goldfields (1980)
Aotea Fieldwork Summary: November/December 1999 CONFIDENTIAL (2000)
S.18 Application - Glenside, Wellington (2009)
Aputa Pa (T12/139): Report on Remedial Works (2004)
Aputa Pa: Report on Monitoring of Earthworks for Interpretation Structure (2007)
58 Arabella Lane, Snells Beach, Auckland: Interim Archaeological Monitoring and Investigation Report (2018)
Arahura Road-Rail Bridge Hokitika: Documentation of Structure (2009)
Arapawanui Forest (Carter Holt Central, Ltd.) Hawkes Bay (1981)
8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18 and 20 Aratoro Place (M36/19 and M36/49), Christchurch: Report on Archaeological Monitoring (2018)
22 Aratoro Place, Christchurch: Report on Archaeological Monitoring (2014)
1 and 2/12 Arawa Street, Shirley, Christchurch: EQ Residential Repair (2016)
Archaelogical Report: NZAA Site X19/325, 9 YMCA Rd, Opoutama (2008)
Archaeolgical Report on the Monitoring of Earthworks for Road Widening, Abel Tasman Drive, Pohara, Golden Bay, Ligar Bay (2014)
Archaeologial Monitoring of the Carpark Improvements, Waitangi Boat Ramp, Bay of Islands (2007)
Archaeologica Monitoring of the Logging of Compartments 14 and 15 Waitangi Forest, Bay of Islands (2014)
An Archaeological and Architectural Assessment of the Structures at 2-4 Sinton Road, Hobsonville (2001)
Archaeological and Cultural Impact Assessment of Proposed Tailrace Lowering at Atiamuri Hydro Power Station (1996)
Archaeological and Heritage Report for Stewart Town and Menzies Dam, Bannockburn (2018)
Archaeological and Historic Sites Affected by Realignment of State Highway 8, Cromwell to Clyde (1977)
Archaeological and Historic Sites in the Waitutu State Forest and Waitutu Maori Land Block (1983)
Archaeological and Historical Sites of Quail Island and King Billy Island, Lyttelton Harbour, Canterbury (2000)
Archaeological and Historical Values and Issues in Forests Managed by Lindsay & Dixon in Western Southland (2003)
Archaeological Assesment for Mandarin Orchard, N6/487 Field Systems, Whalers Road, Houhora (2000)
Archaeological Building Recording Report: Aparima Tavern, Riverton (2013)
Archaeological Damage Assessment, Oxidation Ponds Patea, South Taranaki (2007)
Archaeological Damage Mitigation, Sites P04/640 and P04/641, Hatton Property, Taupo Bay (2012)
Archaeological Damage Report, Tongatu Road Realignment, Ngunguru, Whangarei (2003)
Archaeological Ditch Systems in Tai Tokerau (Northland) (1982)
Archaeological Evidence at Mataia (no date)
Archaeological Evidence in the Vicinity of Werewere Point, Hukatere (1992)
Archaeological Features in Compartment 34, Aupouri Forest, Monitoring Report (2002)
Archaeological Field Inspection and Assessment of Effects : Tauranga Eastern Arterial, Domain Road Interchange to Wairakei Confiscation Boundary, Papamoa (1998)
Archaeological Field Inspection and Assessment of Effects for Proposed Expansion Stages 1, 2, 3 and 7, Poplar Lane Quarry, Papamoa (1999)
Archaeological Field Inspection and Assessment of Effects: Poplar Lane Quarry, Papamoa (1999)
Archaeological Field Inspection and Assessment of Effects: Tauranga Eastern Arterial, Mangatawa Lane to Truman Road, Papamoa (1999)
Archaeological Field Inspection and Assessment of Effects: Te Tumu Kaituna Blocks 14 and 7B (1998)
Archaeological Field Inspection Report and Recommendations for Future Management, Incorporating a Report of Damage to Archaeological Sites: Proposed Subdivision of Pt Allotment 136, Waiotahi Parish, Fleming Property, Ruatuna Road, Ohiwa (1996)
Archaeological Field Inspection: Proposed Geothermal Development, Middle 15 Trust, Tauhara Geothermal Field (1997)
Archaeological Field Survey - Puketarewa (or Pukutarewa), Te Hua and Mangamaia, Proposed Forestry Blocks: Mangatu Blocks, Mangatu River, Gisborne Area (1997)
Archaeological Field Survey of the Piece of Land Contained in Certificate of Title 35C/186 (1982)
Archaeological Field Survey: R.H. & M.K. Craill Property, Tiniroto Road, Gisborne (1996)
Archaeological Final Excavation Report on a Power Plant, Otaraua Road, North Taranaki (2013)
Archaeological Final Report: Longswamp, Waikato Expressway (2019)
Archaeological Findings of the Okura Bush Walkway Re-route and Upgrade (2013)
Archaeological Geomagnetic Report, Paraparaumu Airport (2010)
Archaeological Geomagnetic Survey and Assessment of Mangungu Mission Station, Hokianga (2011)
Archaeological Geomagnetic Survey II of Mangungu Mission Station, Hokianga (2012)
Archaeological Geophysical Survey: Tuihana Residential Development, Papamoa (2004)
An Archaeological Impact Assessment of Stage 2 of the Russell Sewerage Reticulation Scheme, Bay of Islands (1996)
Archaeological Implications of a Proposed Subdivision in the Raumunga Valley (1992)
Archaeological Implications of the Construction of a New Road Bridge Across the Awatere River (2004)
Archaeological Invesigations at Site U15/9, Hamurana Road, Rotorua: Final Report (2005)
Archaeological Ivestigations of Q29/8: A Proposed Building Site at Marfell's Beach: More Test Pits (2007)
The Archaeological Knowledge for the Awhitu Peninsular (no date)
Archaeological Mapping of the Flatrock Site, South Auckland (1985)
Archaeological Mapping of the Wiri Railway Site N42/1225 (1984)
Archaeological Monotoring of the Logging of Compartments 3-7, Pouto 2F Lease, Kaipara Peninsula (2014)
Archaeological Notes: Chinese Grocery Store Demolition Hamilton (2004)
Archaeological Observations on Great Island, December 1995 (1996)
Archaeological Post-Harvest Assessment of Taheke Paengaroa Block and Pit Site U15/800: HNZPT Authority 2018/433 (2019)
Archaeological Reconnaissance of Methanol Plant Site, Matarikoriko, Taranaki (1980)
An Archaeological Reconnaissance of Preservation Inlet July 1978 (1978)
Archaeological Reconnaissance Survey, Otarahanga Farm, Ngati Tuwharetoa Holdings Ltd, Kawerau (2011)
Archaeological Record: 4, 6 & 8 Titoki Street, Parnell (2005)
Archaeological Recording and Conservation of the Garage, Ruatuna Homestead (Q08/576), Matakohe, Kaipara (2012)
Archaeological Recording of the Interim First Church, Dowling Street, Dunedin (2002)
Archaeological Recording Report: 9 and 11 Arthur Street, Dunedin - Archaeological Recording of 19th Century Historic Residential Buildings (2014)
Archaeological Research on Maori Cultivation at Aotea, 8-16 May 1976 (1976)
Archaeological Results of the Geotechnical Investigations at the Long Bay Development, Stage 20 For Heritage New Zealand Archaeological Authority 2018/514 (2020)
Archaeological sites on Colyers Island, Bluff Harbour, Southland (1985)
Archaeological Strategy to Assess the Effects of the Thames Coast Project - Thames Coast Project: Report 1 (2005)
Archaeological Study: East Tamaki Future Urban Development (1997)
Archaeological Summary Report: Tasman Lakes, Paetawa Road, Peka Peka (2009)
Archaeological Test Excavation of a Pre-European Pit Site, 131 Mangati Road, Bell Block, Taranaki (2006)
Archaeological Test Investigation: S15/382 Rubbish Pits and S15/383 Gravel Deposits/Stockade Reserve, Whare Ore Estate, Leamington (2008)
Archaeological Test Pits in Lots 16 and 17: Te Mata Forestry Limited's Subdivision at Te Mata, Thames Coast (1996)
Archaeological Test Trench Monitoring Results: (Koropiko Road, Omahu) (V21/99) (2017)
Archaeological Testing on a Building Site at Tar White, Q27/151, Tory Channel (2008)
Archaeological Testing; Temple View, Hamilton (2013)
The Archaeological Value of the Human Burial Site at Mazengarb Road, Paraparaumu: Report to Pritchard Group, Otaki (2004)
Archaeological Values and Assessment of Effects & Details of Site Management for Harvest and Operations: Matatoki Block, Waihou North Forestry Blocks (2009)
Archaeological Values in the Golden Cross Mining Licence Area - to the West of the Main Site Access Road (1997)
Archaeological Viewing of Stage 1 Earthworks, Bob's Cove Ltd Rural Residential Development, Bob's Cove, Wakatipu (2006)
Archaeological Work at Miropiko Pa Reserve, S14/38, Hamilton (2007)
Archaeological Work Undertaken to Investigate and Record U17/66, a Cultivation Area Discovered During Construction (2009)
Archaeological Assessment
Archaeological Authority
Archaeological Excavation
Archaeological Inspection
Archaeological investigation
Archaeological monitoring
Archaeological report
Archaeological Site
Archaeological Survey
An Archaeologist's Guide to Mining Terminology (1997)
The Archaeology and European History of the Begg Block, Slopedown (1985)
The Archaeology and European History of the Clover Hills Block: First Report 1983, Supplementary Report 1984 (1983-84)
The Archaeology and European History of the Hope Hill Block (1983)
The Archaeology and European History of the Kaihiku Block, Catlins (1985)
The Archaeology and European History of the Manatu Farm Block: Appendix to the Report on Clover Hills (1983)
The Archaeology and European History of the Wangaloa Block (1984)
Archaeology and History of the Q Theatre Site, Auckland (R11/2717) (2011)
Archaeology and the Bay of Islands Historic and Maritime Park (no date)
Archaeology at Mackay's Crossing (2005)
Archaeology at South Bay, Kaikoura (2007)
Archaeology at Wairoa Bay, Purerua Peninsula, Bay of Islands: Prehistory and History on Hansen's Grant (2003)
Archaeology in the Shadow of Maungarei: AMETI Phase 1 (2014)
The Archaeology of a Small Colonial Farm, Craigieburn, Dunedin (2011)
Archaeology of Farmstead M36/208, South Awatea for Christchurch City Council under HP Authority 2011/114 (2011)
Archaeology of Fencing and Nest Boxes at Pilots Beach, Pukekura (2010)
Archaeology of Houpoto Te Pua, Houpoto Whituare & Tunapahore 6 Forests, Houpoto, Eastern Bay of Plenty. Report to Hancock Forest Management (NZ) Ltd. (2019)
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The Archaeology of Maori occupation along the Waihou River, Hauraki (1994)
The Archaeology of Maori Occupation along the Waihou River, Hauraki [pp. 405-417] (1994)
The Archaeology of New Zealand's First Government House, Okiato, Bay of Islands (2009)
The Archaeology of Pre-European Maori Horticulture at Horotiu: The Investigations of S14/194 and S14/195 (2013)
Archaeology of Proposed Subdivision, Lot 1 DP 137855 for C & D Perrott (N11/603 to N11/628) (1997)
Archaeology of R27/392, 1 Stebbings Road, Glenside, under Heritage NZ authority 2014/119, for Stebbings Farmlands Ltd. (2018)
The Archaeology of Te Puna Mission Station (2005)
Archaeology of the Cambridge RSA Building, 59-61 Alpha St, Cambridge (2014)
The Archaeology of the Clevedon Village and Wairoa River Valley (2010)
The Archaeology of the Green Island FreshChoice Supermarket (2019)
The Archaeology of the Historic Copper Industry on Kawau Island, 1843-1855, 1899-1901: Excavations 1991 (1991)
The Archaeology of the McNeill's Brewery Site, Queenstown (2003)
The Archaeology of the Rakaia River Mouth Moa Hunter Site Precinct (2008)
The Archaeology of the Sky City Site, Auckland (Sites R11/1813 & R11/1814), 1993-1994 (1995)
The Archaeology of the South Eastern Arterial: The Waipuna Site R11/1436 (1998)
The Archaeology of the South Western Interceptor (1998)
Archaeology of the South Westland Maori (1986)
Archaeology of the Ōtūroa Road sand borrow area: monitoring under Heritage NZ authority 2018/315 for Goodmans Contractors Ltd (2018)
Archaeology Permit 1980/1: N37/24 Burial (1980)
GIS and GPS in Archaeology: An Archaeological Survey of the Bendigo Goldfields (1993)
Archaeology: Clutha Valley Development (197?)
Archaeology: Katherine Mansfield Birthplace, June-November 1993 (1994)
Archaic Occupation on a Boulder Beach (1977)
An Archival Study of Wellington Maps 1840-1860: Part One (1990)
An Archival Study of Wellington Maps 1840-1860: Part Two (1990)
Archæological Monitoring of Geotechnical Test Pits Weston Cement Plant Site, North Otago Holcim New ...
Arden Cottage Curves Realignment: Final Report on Archaeological Monitoring (2015)
Arden Properties Woodlot: Post-Harvest Report [TukiTuki Road, Waimarama] (2017)
Area X, Paraparaumu Airport: Section 18 Archaeological Investigation (2011)
The Arlidge/Hung House Site : Archaeological Investigation of Part Lot 9 Section 9 Russell Township (Kororareka): Interim Report (1995)
63-69 Armagh Street (M35/576, M35/1928): EQ Rebuild (2018)
85A Armagh Street, Chrischurch: Report on Archaeological Monitoring (2012)
225 and 227 Armagh Street, Christchurch (M35/429 and M35/1230): Report on Archaeological Monitoring (2017)
25 Armagh Street, Christchurch (M35/748): Report on Archaeological Monitoring (2018)
217-221 Armagh Street, Christchurch Report on archaeological monitoring under Heritage New Zealand Pouhere Taonga authority 2019/495eq (2020)
232 Armagh Street: A Report on Archaeological Monitoring (2013)
20 and 22 Armagh Street: An Archaeological Investigation for Christ's College (2002)
Armagh Street, Christchurch: Archaeological Monitoring
Armagh Street, Christchurch: A Report on Archaeological Monitoring
Armagh Street, Christchurch: Final Report
Armagh Street, Christchurch: Report on Archaeological Monitoring
4 Armistead Lane, Tamahere: Archaeological Investigation of Site S15/574 (HNZPTA Authority 2017/45) (2017)
Armour Ave, Wellington: Archaeological Authority - 2016/523 (2016)
139 Arney Road (Site R11/2341), Remuera: Final Archaeological Report (2010)
139 Arney Road: Interim Report for NZHPT R11/2341 - NZHPT Authority No. 2006/80 (2009)
96c Aro Street, Aro Valley, Wellington (Part NZAA R27/525): Demolition and Site Preparation - Archaeological Monitoring Report (2016)
Arran Hill Cycleway, Orewa: Final Report on Archaeological Monitoring and Investigation (2011)
The Arrow, The Billy and Brackens Gully: Gold Mining on Glencoe (1996)
The Arrowtown Chinese Settlement: An Interim Report on the Excavation (1983)
Arrowtown Masonic Lodge, Wiltshire Street, Arrowtown (2015)
[Artefact Catalogue to accompany Foster131] (2011)
Artefacts from the Oashore Shore Whaling Station (2005)
89 Arthur Street Dunedin: Final Report (2016)
The Arthurs Point Tavern: Archaeological Report (2013)
351 Asaph Street, Christchurch: Report on Archaeological Monitoring (2011)
85 Ascot Avenue, Christchurch: A Report on Archaeological Monitoring (2014)
85 Ascot Avenue, North New Brighton, Christchurch - Repair: Report on Archaeological Monitoring (2015)
Ascot Hospital Clinic, Ellerslie, Auckland (1999)
Ashley River Bridge, Rangiora, Canterbury (M35/1000): Archaeological Authority Monitoring Report 2014/171 (2016)
Ashley Street/Edward Street Cemetery, Rangiora: Report on Removal of Burials (2003)
Ashwood Avenue Subdivision: Archaeological Appraisal (1999)
127 Ashworths Road, Amberley: Report on Archaeological Monitoring (2016)
Assessment of Archaeological Effects of Proposed Extension to Whangamata Ocean Sports Club (2012)
An Assessment of Archaeological Sites, Hawkes Bay Ranger District, NZ Forest Service (1985)
Assessment of Archaeological Value and Recommendations for an Authority Application Under Section 11 of the Historic Places Act 1993: Archaeological Sites Within Onepu Forest, Kawerau (1995)
Assessment of Archaeological Value and Recommendations for an Authority Application Under Section 11 of the Historic Places Act 1993: Wilson Property, Chelmsford Street, Kauri Point (1998)
Assessment of Archaeological Values for T12/991 at Whiritoa, Coromandel Peninsula (2002)
Assessment of Archaeological Values Relating to the Proposed Residential Subdivision, Skipper's Road, Opito Bay (2007)
Assessment of Archaeological Values: Proposed Extension to Existing Holcim Quarry, Ridge Road, Bombay (2005)
Assessment of Archaeological Vaue and Recommendations for an Authority Application Under Section 12 of the Historic Places Act 1993: Surf and Sand Holiday Park, Ohope Spit (1997)
Assessment of Damage and Part Investigation of Site T11/221: Pits, Terraces and Midden, Compartment 81, Brier Block, Whangapoua Forest, Coromandel Peninsula (2008)
Assessment of Damage to Sites T11/175, T11/177 and T11/179: Compartment 80, Briers Block, Whangapoua Forest, Coromandel - NZHPT Authority 2010/149 (2012)
Assessment of Effects of Forest Harvesting on Archaeological Sites (2004)
V21/80 and V21/81: Assessment of Effects of Proposed Subdivision (2004)
Assessment of Effects of Tree Harvest Operations: Unnamed Pa (T15/62), Crawford Road, Near Tirau (2015)
Assessment of Effects on Harvest on Pa Site Q10/760, Stand 3, Compartment 57, Woodhill South Forest (2009)
Assessment of Effects: Proposed Floodlight Installation, Ngati Toa Domain, Porirua (2018)
Assessment of Excavations for Septic Drainage Field on Lot 2 DP 10960, NL CT 5D/1186 on Para Para Esplanade (2003)
Assessment of Heritage Values and Recommendations for SL2008-036 Ben Nevis & SL2008-037 Craigroy Pastoral Leases (2009)
Assessment of Midden Discovered (Post-Timber Harvest) Pre-Construction/Salvage, Windy Ridge Road, Tairua Forest (2003)
Assessment of Old Mine Sites: German Hill, White Rocks, Dovedale (no date)
An Assessment of the Archaeological and Historical Significance of Te Kairae Pa (Sites V21/61 and V21/111), Lake Oingo, Hawkes Bay (1995)
Assessment of the Archaeological Values of Pt Waipuka 3B1C1 and Waipuka 3B1C2, Ocean Beach, Hawke's Bay (2007)
Assessment of the Cultural Significance of European Farming Structures, Mutukaroa Regional Park (Hamlin's Hill), Auckland (2000)
Assessment of the DOC Report "Waipoua Archaeological Field Inspection" on Logging Proposals for Conservation Land in Waipoua Forest (1993)
An Assessment of the Impact of Logging on Eves Terrace, O20/50, Top Valley, Wairau North Bank (1999)
An Assessment of the Impact of Logging on Site N27/134 on the Eastern End of Rabbit Island, Tasman Bay (2009)
Athenree Homestead: Archaeological Investigations and Monitoring 2009-2010 (2011)
U13/49 [N53/82], Athenree, HNZPT Authority 2016-1187, Foundations Monitoring: Interim Report (2016)
Athol Street, Queenstown: Archaeological Assessment (2003)
Auckland Art Gallery (Toi O Tamaki) Extension: Archaeological Monitoring Report (2010)
The Auckland Brick & Tile Co. Site, Whau Creek, Te Atatu, Auckland (R11/1724): Section 18 Investigation (2000)
Auckland City Mission, Hobson Street: Final Archaeological Monitoring Report (2019)
Auckland City Pathways: Archaeological Assessment (2002)
The Auckland Customhouse, Long Room Redevelopment: Final Archaeological Report (1997)
The Auckland Customhouse, Proposed Long Room Redevelopment: Preliminary Archaeological Investigation (1996)
Auckland Domain - Proposed Sensory Garden: Archaeological Assessment (1996)
Auckland Domain Kiosk, Deck and Paving Extensions: Archaeological Monitoring Report (1997)
Auckland Domain Lower Playing Fields Drainage (2008)
Auckland Domain Orakei Main Sewer Upgrade: Interim and Final Report (2014)
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